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Reasons why a single guy shouldn't be afraid of women

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You're a single guy: you've been single for a while (weeks, months or maybe even years), maybe you're still looking for your first girlfriend, maybe you're replacing the one that got away. But approaching a lady that interests you turns your insides out, and adding in the nervous twitches, the sweating (and other uncontrollable bodily functions) you are a physical and mental wreck when a girl appears that you'd really like to meet and you find that you haven't the guts to even ask her what her name is!

You are not alone.

Stepping out from your "safe place" - the one that involves no one but yourself, after all you can't disappoint yourself enough that you won't hang out with you, right? - and being with people, especially those of the opposite sex, causes much anguish for many thousands of men, in very possible circumstance, in every ordinary happenings in every ordinary day.

This is because of your fear of new things. It is not because of your fear of commitment, although family and friends may try to convince you of that. Heck, you've had relationships and they were going well, as long as they lasted. But once they ended you just decided that you needed some time to heal, to "get your life straight again". You lied to yourself about your emotional state so that you could avoid meeting new women and being confronted by the fear you now have of new things. And it has continued for so long that you don't know how to start meeting girls again.

You need a new you.

A new reason to get out there and be able to meet women. Maybe a good opening line or a funny joke to break the ice. Maybe a new attitude, a new way to look at yourself as others can se you rather than how you think they see you.

New ways to help you gain the confidence that you once had and want to so desperately have again.

Reasons why men shouldn't be afraid of women:

  • Women are only people too, with the same faults that you might have, despite what they may say
  • Women put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you do (when they wear pants!)
  • The women you meet probably make less that you do (workplace discrimination is alive and well, unfortunately)
  • A man just has to keep himself clean, daily baths or showers, appropriate amounts of deodorant and clean clothes, women have to "fix their faces" every day and sometimes more than once a day
  • A guy always knows which shoes to wear
  • Guys know that fast food restaurants and drive-thrus were created to allow for more time for bowling and playing pool, women think it was to help them get out of the kitchen
  • Men know that its more serious when your bartender cuts you off than when your credit card company does
  • A great car does not make the man but it usually makes the woman
  • Man hunts, woman gathers - man buys new belt, woman diets
  • A guy is ready for his picture to be taken at any time!
  • Women need men - heterosexual women anyways

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