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Learn the top reasons why guys don’t approach the women they want--and what YOU can do to turn around your success with women. - Based on the ebook "Any Woman, Anywhere..."

We've talked about where to meet women.
We've talked about how to get over your fear of approaching
We've talked about how to OPEN women.
We've talked about how to build TRUST through small talk.
We've talked about how to CLOSE (get a number or date).
And I've shared actual dialogs of approaches with you.

Although we've talked about all this, you still may not be taking action. It still might be very hard for you to get over your initial resistance to starting a conversation with a pretty woman you see somewhere.

And that's pretty much normal. The habit of AVOIDING the discomfort of doing this is deeply engrained in most men over years, so getting over it usually isn't an instant process. It takes some persistence.

So in this article I'm going to share with you a couple of psychological tools to help you be persistent and stretch your comfort zone so you can meet more of the women you want to date.

I call these MOTIVATORS. They are powerful attitudes that will help motivate you to approach women. When you see a woman you're attracted to, simply remind yourself of the motivator to help move yourself into action.

My book has the complete list of 9 Motivators. I'll share just a couple with you here:

MOTIVATOR #1: It's less painful to approach than to not.
It seems to your brain that it is more comfortable NOT to approach an attractive woman than it is to approach her.
But is that really true?
In the moment it certainly FEELS true for most guys. But is it really true?
I argue that it's not. Because when you don't approach, I bet a little part of you wishes you did. And that's a bit uncomfortable. Maybe for some of you it's VERY uncomfortable.
Whereas after you DO approach, you'll usually feel way more confident than if you hadn't. You'll have the “rush” of taking the initiative to talk to a pretty woman. You'll be walking a little taller. You won't be feeling just comfortable; you'll most likely be feeling absolutely on fire!
I know this might just seem like words on a page to you now, but I challenge you to tune in to how you're feeling after you avoid approaching a woman, and then compare that to how you feel right after you DO start such a conversation. The difference is POWERFUL.
It's up to you: Feel the regret of missing an opportunity, or feel the pleasure and confidence of approaching a woman.
The choice is yours.

MOTIVATOR #2: You Approach, You Win. No Matter What The Outcome.
As soon as you open your mouth and say that very first word to a woman, you should know in your own mind you've won and deserve congratulations.
There are a couple of reasons:
You have just done what 90% of guys on the planet cannot do, and will never do, in their lifetime.
You have just taken one more step to decreasing your fear and having freedom in this very important area in your life.
You've just done something that will help you refine your skills and eventually give you the success with women you really want. You just have to learn from each interaction.
And your action just eliminated the possibility of wishing you had approached her for the rest of your day.
So good for you. Reward yourself for the action you took, not for the results you received.
You approach, you win. No matter what the outcome.

Sometimes the very woman who you think would NEVER in a million years give you the time of day will give you her number and date you. Sometimes all you have to do is open your mouth and say something, ANYTHING, and you will have a great experience of a really HOT girl expressing interest in you.

If you are willing to open your mouth enough you WILL have these experiences. To a certain extent, it IS a numbers game. But you must be willing to take action and risk. You can NEVER anticipate how well an interaction is going to go. You never know until you go.

Sometimes she'd enjoy meeting you just as much as you'd enjoy meeting her. Some of the women you approach will be total sweethearts and really appreciate you talking to them. And those are the ones you want to date anyways, right?


MOTIVATOR #3: Some Pretty Women Are VERY Friendly

Continue to practice The Two Minute Approach.
Continue having a daily goal, even if it's just doing step 1 with 1 woman a day. Every man has to start somewhere.

And if you're reading this and thinking you'd like to get the whole scoop on how to approach quality women, then build attraction and get physical when you want, check out my ebook where you'll…
Develop the habit of approaching any woman you want, anywhere she may be ...
Learn how not to be seen as a needy wuss.
Discover how to use things like food and games as a perfect, legitimate way to begin to get physical.
Explore how to TEASE a woman into liking you.
And much, much more…

It's completely guaranteed, and if you have a credit card you can even have a free 2 week trial.

Check out my ebook here:

In the mean time, get out there, apply these ideas, and I'll speak to you again in a couple of days.

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