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How To Approach Older Women

The Art Of Approaching - Your Step By Step Guide To Meeting WomenThe Art of Approaching Women
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If you're looking to meet a great woman, one of the things you may want to consider is meeting women who are older than the type you might normally go for.

But before I go any further with this, I want to make a distinction here...

There is a difference between women who are "older than you," and "older women."

For instance, a woman in her 20s could be older than you, but that's different from a woman in her 30s, 40s, and beyond.

So I'm going to talk about "older women," in regards to the fact that I consider women over 35 as being "older" in my book.

Some women may take offense to this, and some men out there might even say women in their mid-to-late 30s aren't "older," but I judge this based on what women FEEL.

A woman who is 35 and still single definitely FEELS like she's an older woman. This is because typically, she has been married, had kids, or is worried she'll never get married by this point in her life.

Technically, this type of thinking starts for women around age 30, but by 35, it REALLY kicks into high gear. So my advice is geared towards women 35+, are we clear?

Okay then...

First of all, approaching older women is generally much easier than younger women. Not just because it probably doesn't happen to them all that often anymore, but because the woman will receive the attention better.

When it comes to approaching older women, I like to go with being EXTREMELY complimentary and flirty. Women who get positive attention from men, especially when the woman is older than they are, will become very receptive to it if done right.

Understand - women feel like they're always in competition with OTHER women. Other, younger, women. So if you can make them feel attractive, they will be quite receptive to you because you're validating to them that they "still got it."

Trust me - even if the older woman is still attractive, this will work. I once dated a 36 year old actress when I was 28. She was a stunning blonde, but incredibly insecure about her looks because she felt like she wasn't "young" anymore, even though she looked just as good (if not better) than women ten years younger than her.

And because I was able to charm her and make her feel good, she became attracted to me.

When it comes to women, it really is THAT simple.

But don't compliment her on her looks. Compliment her on other things, and THEN have that lead to her looks and other things.

For instance, I might start a conversation by saying:
"Excuse me, I know this might sound cheesy, but I have to ask - have you ever had any kind of dance training?"

(Typically, most girls have taken some form of dance class in their lifetime, but even if they haven't , you can proceed with this opener)

Follow up by saying:
"I just ask because you move so gracefully, like you just naturally know how to move your body. You seem so confident with yourself, it really is noticeable."

From there, you can take the conversation towards asking her about herself. Then you can stack on stuff like:
"You have an amazing energy about you. It's like you have a really youthful spirit."


"I must say, I think you just might be the most attractive woman I've seen in a long time. I meet a lot of girls in their 20's who couldn't hold a candle to you."

Saying things like this will really make the older woman you're talking to feel good, ESPECIALLY when you tell them that younger women can't compare to them.

The trick here is not to be overly complimentary, otherwise your compliments come off as insincere. You want to be flirty, and sprinkle in your compliments as you go.

Now, of course, being complimentary doesn't always work. Sometimes, if the woman is really hot and she has a bit of an attitude, you need to use the usual methods. But I've found in general that this is the way to go when approaching older women.

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So that begs the question: How do you approach them?

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And if you liked this article, you'll appreciate even more my weekly 'Art of Approaching' email newsletter. You can get it free here.

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