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What Girls Think When You Approach Them

The Art Of Approaching - Your Step By Step Guide To Meeting WomenBy Joseph Matthews

The Art of Approaching Women
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In this article I've got some really interesting attitudes for you to consider.
Do you ever wonder what girls are thinking when you approach them?

Most guys tend to believe the girl they're approaching is going to "catch" them trying to pick them up when they approach.

They believe the girl is thinking about all the different ways she can reject them before they even open their mouths.

So they try to HIDE their true intentions.

They try to come off as a guy who just "wants to be their friend."

But little do they know they are doing more harm than good.

See, if a girl is even half-way decent looking, chances are she's used to being approached by guys looking to date her.

So a girl KNOWS what you want if you're bothering to approach her.

She's thinking:
"Oh, this guy must be interested in me."

At this point, she has two choices...

The first is to reject him, because she's not interested for some reason.

The second is to play along and see where it goes because she IS interested.

What most guys try to do is bypass the option where she could reject them because they don't want to go through that pain.

So they try to "weasel" their way into her life by acting COMPLETELY disinterested in her romantically.

At that point, the girl starts to think:

"Okay, I guess he's not into me. But he's cool, he'll make a good friend."

But once the guy tries to make his move on her, she'll reject him, because he's already been pegged into the "friend" category.


Because he removed himself as a potential LOVER early on! That's why!

See, by trying to bypass the possibility of rejection, what most guys are really doing is setting up a long, drawn-out, painful experience.

They're going to get to know the girl, like her, pine over her, and never get her to like them in the same way they like her.

Whereas if she rejected you as a potential romantic partner outright, it would sting for a little bit, but you'd know if you were wasting your time or not.

But here's the thing...

What if I told you there was a way to easily meet a girl, not hide your intentions, and not get rejected?

Would that be of interest to you?

If so, read on, because I'm going to show you how to do it...

I'm a very big proponent of approaching women in an indirect fashion.

I like this style of approach because it minimizes your risk of getting rejected.

(And if you've read The Art Of Approaching, you'll know why this is.)

BUT, I do not think you should continue to hide your true intentions PAST the initial meeting.

This is because women KNOW why you approach them. They aren't dumb. They can tell what's going on.

But if you convince them otherwise, and then later try to become romantic, you've just proven that you've LIED to them and they can't trust you.

And trust is the foundation of any good relationship.

So AFTER you meet the girl indirectly, you'll want to start FLIRTING with her.

If you notice she's receptive to your flirting and even flirts back - guess what? She's signaling she's interested in you!!!

That's what we call a GREEN LIGHT.

And if she doesn't respond or flirt back, you haven't really risked anything, so you can either back out and move on...


You can switch-up your tactics and see if she'll respond to something else.

Either way, you come out on top.

Relationship dynamics isn't rocket science. In fact, if you know just a couple simple secrets, it can be very easy and quite fun.

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