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Is April Fool’s Day A Good Day To Date?

April 1st.

The day for practical jokes and pranks. Watch your step! Beware the slap on the back that ends up being a “kick me” sign stuck on your jacket. There are many things to be leery of on this day (although, holding to tradition if the prank is played after noon then the joke is on the prankster) the most important of which is, “Is April Fool’s Day a good day to go out on a date?”

It is if you’ve been seeing the person for more than 3 or 4 dates. You should have an idea of what to expect, if anything. But it’s also a good time to be prepared with some pepper gum as revenge if you end up on the receiving end of some harmless prank. Just in case your date is the “fun-loving type” and you weren’t made aware of this fact in previous dates.

April Fool’s Day also ends up being a good day for a first date or a blind date. You can always put the blame for first date jitters on “nervousness due to pranksterism”. Maybe it’s a prank, maybe possible true love, you won’t know until you meet the person, but again, be prepared. We’ve heard of many strange things happening on an April Fool’s Day date, something to “break the ice” that ends up being the date-maker or sometimes the date-breaker.

Going on a coffee date? Look out for the old “salt and sugar switch”! If it’s a dinner date, fake vomit can be a lot of fun, something to break the ice, although the other restaurant patrons may not be as accepting of this type of prank. You could offer to flip a coin for the check, using a double headed coin for the toss. No sense being a “poor loser” is there? If you have a pet (or even if you don’t) pulling a fake turd out of your pocket or purse is a sure-fire “shock and laugh” magnet.

Of course, you could just stay in, but what fun would that be? Go ahead, go on that date, just remember the boy scout motto “Be Prepared”.

And have a Happy April Fool’s Day.

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