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Ancient Wisdom For Sensational Sex

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Sex and the Kama Sutra

With yoga classes taking the place of aerobics at the gym, the image of Buddha plastered onto sexy midriff-bearing t-shirts, and sushi the food of choice among those in the know, it’s only a matter of time before the teachings of the east enter our bedrooms, too.

So whether you’re as virginal as the pure-driven snow, or have had multiple partners, it’s time to get a leg up (so to speak) with the hottest history book around—the Kama Sutra. It has much to teach us, even for those who prefer forks to chopsticks, and wine to sake.

When the Kama Sutra was written (sometime in between the first and sixth century), the Orient considered sex an art form; something to be studied and, lucky for them…practiced. In fact, the act of sex was even an important part of spirituality and religion, with various sexual positions adorning the walls of both homes and temples. (Kind of puts a whole new spin on going to church!)

The Kama Sutra’s lessons, though, offer much more than sexual gratification—although that is definitely an important part, as evidenced by the very word, “Kama”, which means “pleasure or sensual gratification”.

Beyond satisfying our lust and longings, the Kama Sutra is really about mastering these desires. Those who are “true practitioners” develop a heightened awareness of, and control over, all of her or his senses—a benefit that’s said to impact your entire life, not just what goes on between the sheets.
Really, the key to the Kama Sutra is to not become a slave to your passions (though your partner will), but rather, tap into the full power that lies within them.

Here, according to the book, is how:

The Long Embrace—The Kama Sutra says that both men and women need much more then the mere act of sex to be sexually satisfied (though I could swear I’ve known some men in my time who would disagree), and this is where the embrace comes in. Physical and intimate, embracing—hugging, touching, petting—can be a rewarding act unto itself, as well as the perfect prelude to more…advanced relations.

An eye for an eye—When we are kissed, it is most likely that we return that kiss, almost by instinct. However, it is worth paying attention, in more detail, to the ways in which your partner is physical with you, as it is likely an indication of his or her own desires, and vice versa. Think about it this way—would you inflict something physical upon your partner that you yourself do not desire? Probably not.

Scratch Away—Though today it is often relegated to our more explicit images of sex—usually connoting a sense of raw, wild abandon—practitioners of the Kama Sutra believed scratching to be a totally normal part of any sexual encounter. And we’re not only talking about light scratching here. Virtually nothing is off limits—even leaving marks on your partner’s body. In fact, the book actually suggests this, as both a reminder of time spent together, and as way to "mark your territory." It says, "If there are no nail marks to recall the lover's presence, it means that passion has long since disappeared and love has been overcome." How hot is that?

If these teachings left you wanting more, check out the Kama Sutra for yourself. I guarantee you’ll reap the rewards with some of the best sex imaginable. That is, after all, what it’s all about.

Sincerely, April

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