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5 Tips To Dress For Success

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man”, and boy was he on to something. What you wear does define who you are, whether you like it or not. Not only that, but it can also define what other people think of you.

Example: Clothes can influence how attractive women find you. Example: They can help you get hired or a promoted.

Example: They can make you appear successful... or not.

And it doesn’t take long for clothes to leave their mark. In fact, it can take mere seconds. Think about it this way: Almost 90% of your body, under normal circumstances, is covered by your clothing. And upon that all-important first meeting (whether it be with a woman who you want to take out or a superior at work you want to impress), their eye is being filled with your image—90% of which is what? That’s right—Clothing.

What a Girl Wants

What’s that? You think you can get by on your winning personality and good looks? Think again. Research and studies have confirmed that women go ga-ga over the sharp-dressed man way more than they do for the guy with better “natural looks”. (This may be great news for you if modeling scouts haven’t exactly been pounding your door down lately.)

Still turned off to the idea of ditching the acid washed denim and frayed t-shirts in favor of a more updated look? So are most men. Amazingly, so few men grasp the magnitude to which their image corresponds with how they are perceived of and treated by women, that the man who does make a habit of dressing well is in a very small, very coveted minority. Consequently, there’s no mystery about why the well-dressed man has no shortage of interested women.

Quality Versus Quantity

Luckily, dressing well doesn’t mean that you have to follow each of the latest styles or spend tons of money to stay current. As opposed to more trendy apparel—which may look good today but will quickly go out-of-style—investing in quality, classic apparel will ensure that your clothes last longer and keep you looking good for years to come. Plus, if tailored to fit, a great suit or pair of jeans (or any item, really) can help to camouflage the fact that you haven’t exactly been going to the gym on a regular basis…or even on an irregular basis.

What we’re talking about here is developing a classic and refined personal style—less Jim Morrison, more James Bond. Narrow down your core wardrobe to some well-fitting timeless items that coordinate with one another and invest in the best classic pieces you can afford. And remember: Quality beats quantity any day!

The Top 5

Confused about where to start? I suggest going with a few basics that will provide the foundation for any great wardrobe. Here are my “Top 5” classic wardrobe staples. They’ll help get you off and running:

1. A Navy Suit

A good classic navy suit conveys a message of authority, confidence, power, stature and status. I like to think of it as a more highly evolved version of chest thumping. But for if you’re one of those men out there who thinks it’s archaic or antiquated or just plain uncomfortable—get over it. It’s a classic that will never—and I mean never—go out of style. (Oh, and for you guys who complain that you don't want to wear a suit and tie because it feels like a noose around you’re neck, I’ve got news for you.)

Tips for the first time suit buyer
 If you are a first time suit buyer, opt for a basic, three-button and don’t break the bank on the suit; you’ll likely also need to buy a shirt, tie, belt, shoes and socks.
 That said, do try on the most expensive suit and study the way it looks, fits and feels—this will show you the look you should be striving to obtain, but within your own price range.

Tips for the experienced—and financially secure—suit buyer:
 Opt for a well-constructed, high quality classic navy suit. Consider the one you purchase to be a long-term investment.
 Your suit should be as timeless, classic and as fitted as your budget will allow. It may well prove to be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Tips for every suit buyer
 Tailoring is key to a great wardrobe! Find a great tailor and spend the extra money necessary to get your suit to fit just right.
 If you don’t have them already, you’ll also need to purchase these classic items to wear with your new suit:
• Shirt—Cotton, white, oxford dress shirt with point collars, curve or button-down
• Tie—Black knit in silk or wool.
• Shoes—Back leather oxfords (a fancy name for lace-up shoes), either plain cap-toed or with perforations on the tip.
• Belt—Black leather with a plain silver buckle.
• Socks—Black. There’s no alternative.

2. Trousers

One pair of gray flannel and one pair of khaki trousers will get you through virtually every occasion where a suit is not required; semiformal and business occasions, or dressed down for a more casual elegance.

 Khakis should never have pleats.
 If you are one of those guys that jingles while you walk? Empty those pockets! No matter how affluent or how well-dressed you are, you will look sloppy—and sound annoying—if your pockets bulge with junk, so carry as little as possible in them.

3. Levis

These can be worn with a white Oxford shirt and blazer, a crewneck sweater, or a t-shirt and black leather jacket. They don’t get much more classic—or sexy—than this!

 When picking out your jeans, look for a classic color in either dark blue or vintage fade
 Find the size that best fits you by letting the salesperson measure your inseam. That is, after all, what they’re there for.

4.T-Shirts—White and black t-shirts

 Choose t-shirts with a little lycra or spandex for a better fit.
 Stick to a basic crew-neck style, which provides the most coverage.

5. Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This hot classic matches practically everything in a wardrobe (except, of course, the suit you just bought—that’s a definite fashion mistake). It immediately adds spice to almost any outfit, and is a strong, masculine look.

 Buy only good quality leather in a classic style.
 Think simple. You should be the only stud in sight (in other words, no added grommets, extra zippers, or added stud detailing).

Sincerely, April

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