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Dirty Talk In Bed by Ask April

Stop being inhibited in bed

"Ask April" Author of the best selling, "Date Out Of Your League"
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She will tell me how her past lovers were bigger and better than me or will call me by the waiters name and tell him (me) how much bigger and better he is compared to her husband. Is this wrong to do?

Q: Dear April,
As I've grown older (I'm 52) I've noticed that I require more verbal stimulation during sex with my wife in order to orgasm.

This stimulation usually takes the form of my wife describing in details her past sexual adventures or imagining (while I am in her) that I am the hunky waiter that served us at dinner.

She will tell me how her past lovers were bigger and better than me or will call me by the waiters name and tell him (me) how much bigger and better he is compared to her husband.

Is this wrong to do?
Talks Dirty

A: Dear Talks Dirty,

There is nothing wrong with this at all. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s sex between two consenting adults within a marriage. It doesn’t involve anything that’s demented or really “out there” in a destructive kind of way. It’s your own way of putting the X in your marital sex life! If it’s working for you, that’s great. If you’re wife’s fine with it, that’s great too.

I’ve written a book called The Next 50 Dates for couples in long-term relationships who want to keep their sex life exciting and romantic.

It has lots of ideas and suggestions that might work for you and your wife, like naked Twister or strip Scrabble – or you can focus on a sexy theme, like having professional shiatsu massages, a Japanese dinner with sake and sushi, and start sex in a pair of kimonos that slowly – or quickly – come off.

You can purchase lingerie that puts you in the mood, or take special care of your body with manicures, pedicures, waxing and exercise classes that will make you more aware of your body and it’s sexual components.

The list of play and external care of your body are infinite, limited only by yours and your partner’s own imaginations.

It’s terrific that you are comfortable enough to have an idea of what may work for you, and to experiment with it.

Most men don’t talk about the details of sex among themselves the way women do, among themselves.

But if they did, you’d find lots of men enjoying the same sex play you’re describing. In fact, your letter alone is going to relieve a lot of men who wanted to try this, but were too concerned that it was weird or inappropriate to their partners.

They’ll read this and realize that they’re not alone in their desires. The thing that holds most men back from this sex play is their fear of sounding or looking stupid to their partners.

Being inhibited is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in order to have great sex. The less inhibited you and your partner can be, the more you’ll get to know this very intimate and private side of each other – and you’ll discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know.

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate intimacy and your love, by taking your sex life to the next level.

Of the five senses, every person and each couple have certain senses that, when stimulated, make their sex lives interesting and satisfying. The more trust you have with your partner, and the more confidence you have in yourself, the more you can experiment with touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste in your sex life.

The sky’s the limit, really. You’ve pushed the envelope, and you’re doing fine! Enjoy!

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April Masini is a recognized and award winning producer, author, columnist, motivational speaker, relationship and success expert—with politically incorrect twist. Sure to raise eyebrows, generate buzz … and INSPIRE RESULTS!

Standing 5 feet, 8 inches tall, with a lean 127-pound body, and 38-26-36 proportions, it's not hard to understand why April Masini's impressive list of accomplishments is not the first thing that pops into a guy's mind upon meeting her. But April is much more than a blonde bombshell.
Though she started off her career as a model and actress, April has moved on to become a persuasive public speaker and President/CEO of Masini Television & Film Enterprises, LLC in Honolulu, and Masini Enterprises, Inc. in Los Angeles.

On January 26, 2004, April's no-holds-barred advice book, "Date Out of Your League" hit the stands, causing controversy with her witty, well-endowed, naughty alter-ego, High Voltage Blonde, her brutally honest, uncensored advice, and her sometimes politically incorrect message.... But controversy quickly turned into interest, and then followings, when the most widely read newspapers, magazines, and Web sites, around the world, began seeking out April's comments, opinions, and expertise.

In fact, April became so popular that in February, 2004, "Ask April" was launched simultaneously on two of FORBES Magazine's "Best on the Web" winners,, who not only won with FORBES in 2003, but was also singled out by the WALL STREET JOURNAL; along with aLoveLinksPlus, who took FORBES top award in 2001 and 2002. Then "Ask April" jumped the Pacific with the hugely popular Japanese site devoted to romance techniques.

When April isn’t writing, this former model/actress is leading seminars, guest lecturing, or dedicating her time to Masini Enterprises—her multifaceted television and film production company whose accomplishments have been recognized, record-breaking, and award winning, with strong connections to everything from "Baywatch" and "Blue Crush" to "LifeStyles of the Rich & Famous" and "The Miss Universe Pageant."



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