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No Date For New Year's Eve?

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How to spend New Year's Eve alone

Dear April,
New Years Eve is just around the corner and here I am, stuck again, without a date. I need advice, what should I do? Help!
Alone on New Year’s Eve


Dear Alone Again:
New Year's Eve can be the loneliest night of the year if you are alone, and not by choice. But don't worry -- the truth is most people actually are either home alone or staying in with family these days on New Year's Eve. And if you are alone, here are my Top 5 Tips on ways to spend the night:

1. Get your favorite pizza ordered in and commit to a night of DVD movies with peanut chocolate M&Ms for desert.

2. Phone date. Call a friend in another part of the country or the world and drink wine while you chat and reminisce about the year past and the year to come.

3. Buy a new book you've been dying to read and curl up on the sofa with a roaring fire, a glass of scotch or hot chocolate and your book. Better yet, give your love life a jump start for the New Year -- spend the night doing your “homework”—studying “Think & Date Like A Man” (for women) or “Date Out Of Your League” (for men)—and this will be last New Years Eve you spend alone.

4. Start writing that novel -- what better night to begin?

5. Invite other singles over for a potluck or take-in dinner. The truth is you'll probably have more fun with these friends than you would at a big shebang with people you don't know well at all.

6. Get online! Online dating makes sitting home alone on Saturday night a virtual impossibility -- or a literal virtual possibility -- whether you're chatting up a stranger on an online dating site or going out to dinner with someone you just met online, there are now infinite possibilities for love. The old advice on places to meet single men and women are now exponential thanks to the Internet. My picks: or! OK…so I’m a little biased!

If you're newly single, after a break up or a divorce, and you feel you have to go out to make an appearance, make sure your friends know you're coming to their party by yourself, and that you're a little unsettled about it, but you want to do it. They'll surely take care of you and introduce you to men who are also there solo. Who knows? You may not be solo for long. Before you do go out, though, it's especially important to know you look great.

Buy something new and sexy to celebrate your first New Year's Eve solo in a long time. Psych yourself up a little. Pretend you're living in Paris, and going out alone is just another chic thing you do.

Give yourself a mental image of who you want to be at the party. If you feel like a scared mouse, you'll look like a scared mouse, and all you'll attract is the cheese. If you get yourself in a good state of mind, and feel like this is a sexy adventure, you'll look like you're on a sexy adventure and you'll attract others like yourself.

Happy Holidays!

Sincerely, April

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