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When To Remove Your Dating Profile: Profile Propriety

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How long do you keep your options open?

Dear April,
I've been on this internet dating site and meet this really great guy that I'm crazy about. We've been out on about six or seven dates, do you think it's time for me to take my picture and profile off the website? I'm not really interested in meeting any one else, and I don't want him to either. What do I do?
Internet Dating Etiquette Challenged


Dear Internet Dating Etiquette Challenged,
Until a man asks you for an exclusive relationship, and you agree to have one—keep your profile up there!

Lesson #1: Understand and remember that men are competitive by nature. No one wants to date the person no one else wants. Would you?

Lesson #2: The worst thing you can do is to become too available and too predictable—someone he no longer has to pursue and win. Men like to feel that they have won the prize.

So, no, do not take your profile down. You keep it right where it is, until he asks you to take it down, or until he asks you for an exclusive relationship (and you agree to give it to him).

Think about it, would a man take his profile down just because he had half a dozen good dates with a woman? No way. I suggest you check out my new book Think & Date Like a Man...If you want to win with men, you need to understand how they think and you need to learn to date like they do.

Here's what a man would do in your shoes:

1. A man would keep his dating options open, and make sure he was taken care of.

2. A man wouldn't take his internet dating profile down unless he was sure he had what he wanted, and that it was a lock. Men don't like to lose.

3. A man wouldn't get involved too quickly, or take a relationship too seriously, too soon... and neither should you.

If you'd like to know more about the dos's, the don'ts, and the how to's of online dating, take a few moments to read Modern Mating and Internet Dating.

Sincerely, April

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