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The Attraction Code by Vin DiCarlo

Eye Contact Pickup Tips Men Need To Know

Article by Vin DiCarlo, author of "The Attraction Code"

It's the first thing you need to do, make eye contact with her and this is how you turn that moment into a successful pickup.

The Attraction CodeYou've seen it in the movies... A woman and a man lock eyes, the sparks fly, and within seconds, she has to have him.

It's an instant sexual tension that's so thick, you could cut the air between them with a knife.

And no matter what else happens in this movie, you know they'll end up in bed together. Yeah, sure, sometimes it's after they fight aliens and zombie robots together...

... But no matter what obstacles are put in their way, they fight through them, until they kiss... hook up... have sex... get engaged... fall in love... it all depends on your movie.

For instance: If you saw the zombie thriller "Zombieland" just a few months back, you know exactly what I'm talking about. A shy, nerdy guy and a beautiful woman survive the zombie apocalypse.

When they meet - sparks fly, from his end. And later on, even though they have to fight through an entire AMUSEMENT PARK full of zombies to make out... well... you better be damn sure they do.

(Can you even picture a whole amusement park full of zombies? That's like 10,000 zombies. I'd be toast against 10,000 zombies... )

What's the point? What's the moral of this story, for you? Well, it's very simple: When you can create sexual tension with a woman you can get her to do anything!

Because these scenes aren't in movie after movie after movie for no reason. They include these sexual tension filled plot lines because men love the chase, and women love the drama.

So if you can create this type of heart-throbbing sexual tension in real life - preferably the second you two meet - you're 100% better off with her. And the real secret is.... *drum roll please*...

... Bad Ass Eye Contact.
(Now, there are hundreds of ways you can create this first look sexual tension, but we'll focus on eye contact, today).

What makes great eye contact? It's pretty simple. In fact, I've got three quick steps to creating sexual tension with your eye contact, right here....

>> STEP ONE: Make Eye Contact

Too basic, right? Bullshit! The most common "eye contact" mistake I see men make is not having any! Glancing in her eyes for a split second before looking away... or looking at her tits the whole time.

Crude, I know. But that's the truth, and the truth isn't always pretty.

So next time you see a woman you want, actually make eye contact with her. Look her straight in the eyes. And ask yourself, "I wonder what this woman is like..." (This is so your eye contact is curious, instead of creepy and staring)

>> STEP TWO: Smile!

This is another one of those "well, I know that, but I don't do it" tips. And it's crucial! How would you like a guy who's 100lbs and 4 inches bigger than you looking at you with a hungry expression on his face?

You'd be scared shitless, right? Well that's how most women feel, when guys stare her down. So smile. ... :-)

Nothing huge. Just show her, "Hey, I'm interested and friendly. It's cool to talk to me, I promise I won't bite."

And finally... here's an "advanced" eye contact tip, that SPIKES the sexual tension...

>> STEP THREE: "Whole Face" Eye Contact

This is some secret sauce you're gonna thank me for, the second you use it. You see, eye contact is great for establishing trust and connection... Now, you want to turn that connection sexual.

How? Easy! Use the type of eye contact her lovers and potential lovers use. When you've been talking to her for a few minutes to a few hours - once you feel that first sexual "spark" - Gently look at the other details of her face, or her neck.

So move your gaze over her cheeks... lips... dimples... down the sides of her neck...
(not too low, though. We're keeping it sexy, instead of crude)

What you're doing is "painting" her face with your sexual energy, which creates a feeling of her being "penetrated" ... but in a safe, controlled context.

What's more, is this exercise gets you turned on a little bit. And that's a good thing! Because there's a phenomenon called "state transfer" when you're talking to a woman.

And this basically means that if you want her to feel something, you need to feel it, first. If you want her to feel turned on, you need to be turned on, first.

You want her to feel sexual tension, you need to feel it, first.

And then help her along.

That's exactly what this technique does :-)

So go out! Use it, today! Enjoy looking at a woman in a way you've never experienced before... Like a highly sexual, in demand guy. (And create some burning, first-impression sexual tension, while you're at it!)


Today's tip was taken 100% from the Dominant Sexual Power program, aka DSP. If you've never heard of DSP before, it's the definitive guide to sexual tension, sexual confidence and making a woman think you're a Sex GOD... even before you get between the sheets.

Obviously, 99% of those techniques are too "raunchy" or "explicit" for me to send in an article for everyone to read. So if you'd like to know more...
or simply to find out more about the DSP program... just click to check it out here.


1) MAKE EYE CONTACT! And hold it, for a bit. Don't be shy about looking at a woman. Worst case - she finds it flattering and walks away. No loss for you...

2) SMILE, DAMNIT! :-) Remember - we can be scary, to women. So make her feel at ease...

3) USE 'WHOLE FACE' EYE CONTACT to create LOADS and LOADS of Sexual Tension between the two of you...

... And then keep reading these articles and signup for the free Attraction Code Newsletter to find out how to bring her home, once you get her all hot and bothered :-)

Your Friend,
 Vin DiCarlo



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