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'Bad Boys' And Attraction

Double Your Dating Newsletter Mailbag


Hey David,
I just wanted to tell you that your a really smart man. Your research has paid off and it is the best thing that has ever come into my life. At first I really did not get it but after I read your newsletters it became crystal clear. I your techniques on my ex's and my friends and it works like a charm, my phones have never been so busy before. Now for my question, in your last news letter a guy mentioned giving a girl "the wrinkled eyebrow". What is that and why does it work. Also I'm not too good at body language so could you also address that. I'm looking forward to downloading your ebook and buying your book.




You're welcome for the information. And NICE! I'm glad to hear that you're practicing on everyone.

One of the great "extra" benefits that you're get from using the concepts that you're learning here is that you'll have more FUN in your "regular" relationships... and in business.

To answer your question about "The Wrinkled Brow" that was mentioned in a previous newsletter... Find a picture of Marlon Brando on the cover of "A Streetcar Named Desire", or a picture of Colin Farrell. Notice the look that these guys have on their faces.

There's something about this particular look that says "I'm a man. I'm a BAD BOY. I'm sexy, and I know it...".

This is a deep topic. And it's something that I go into detail about in my Advanced Dating Techniques program. The long-and-short-of-it is that men can do things that women find "sexy", and this is one of them. You don't have to be naturally "handsome" for women to find you "sexy". Again, this is a deep topic, but that's the basic idea.


Dave, hey my name is Z and do i have a success story for you.

i'm a guy who got the girls, but only the ones that weren't what i wanted, and i could never find out how to get the ones that i wanted, that was, until i decided to try your program. i mean i practiced the "get the e-mail, not the number" kind of thing for days until this one pool party. i went up to a girl and started talking to her for a few minutes, well to make a long story short, I GOT A PHONE NUMBER AND E_MAIL ADDRESS!!!! and then another and another tell i finally left with FOUR!!! thanks a lot! keep sending me info and i WILL read it!!!



lol... yea, it's fun to learn how to start meeting and getting emails/numbers from the kinds of girls that you REALLY want... isn't it? I can remember back a few years when I would have thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get FOUR emails and numbers from women in one night. lol... now 4 or 5 is just no big deal. Thanks for the story. It really helps to know that other guys are out there doing it.


dear sir.

i received many of ur emails, and i'm not a guy, i'm a lady. i found a lot of what u wrote is against the nature of a normal relation between a man and a woman, and many things that u gave as an advice would turn any woman off so soon.

for example, i like flowers and i like going out to nice places and u wrote in ur advices that it doesn't matter to a woman where do u take her. and i'm saying it does matter at least in the first few dates, the reason why is not because i like him to pay..but cuz a man has to show her that he would do anything for her, and he loves to please her ..and that is the most attractive thing to a is the normal relation between a man and a woman.. A man should chase the woman not the opposite!! And it's definitely against femininity to chase a man. this is just an example.



OK, I'm guessing that English isn't your first language... at least I hope not. What you are saying here is clear. You're basically saying that a man should "court" a woman by taking her out to nice places and paying for everything.

You also say that "a man should chase the woman" and "a man has to show her that he would do anything to please her". Let's talk about these things a little bit...

First off, I get where you're coming from. I used to act this way myself. When I met a girl that I liked, I'd call her a lot, take her to dinner, and chase after her. What I never could understand is why when I acted this way women tended to RUN AWAY from me... instead of towards me. They would "play hard to get", not seem very interested, and often only like me as a "friend".

Later, as I began studying guys who were "naturally" successful with women and dating, I found something VERY interesting...
I found that most of the guys I met who were UNUSUALLY successful at attracting women DID NOT CHASE the women. In fact, if anything, they were the ones who were "playing hard to get". Of course, this confused me at first.

But what I've realized since is that when a man "courts" a woman, he's hinting that he's interested in a "long-term relationship"... or even marriage. If the woman is also interested in marriage, what does she usually do? Right, she turns up the heat, and makes the man REALLY work hard to "get her". I mean, how else can she "be sure" that he's serious?

On the other hand, if a man DOES NOT do all of these typical "courtship" things, it changes everything. It's often confusing to a woman. And if the woman knows that the man is also able to attract OTHER women, it creates a CHALLENGE in her mind. This is why men who are dating several women are usually more interesting to women than men who have no dates.

Is my advice perfect, 100% of the time? No way. I teach guys how to be successful in the dating world, not in the marriage world. If a guy really likes a woman, and he's interested in a "long-term relationship", then the rules change a bit (but not that much). Most women SAY that they want a man to chase them. But when it comes to the REAL WORLD, it usually doesn't play out this way.

If you chase a woman, she will usually run.


What's up Dave?

Cocky/funny and the friendship frame work well. However, I do have one question. In your e-book, you state that you should always keep your composure. But you also state, in your bonus book on the 8 different personality types, that the "bad boy" personality is the most magnetic to women; that there's nothing more thrilling than a "bad boy." And, in almost all cases, "bad boys" do not keep their composure; they're notorious for throwing temper tantrums, yet they are still so attractive to women. What's your take on this?


This is a FANTASTIC question. Let's talk about "Bad Boys". I personally believe that women are ATTRACTED to "Bad Boys" on an "unconscious" level. You'll have to get my Advanced Series if you want a full explanation. It takes hours. But the point is that Bad Boys have aspects to their personalities that women find SEXY.

Unfortunately, Bad Boys are often ABUSIVE as well. I don't like abuse, and I don't like to be abusive. In fact, I dislike MEAN people and MEAN BEHAVIOR more than just about anything. I may bust balls and tease a lot, but underneath it all I'm always just teasing, or trying to help. One of the things that never sat well with me was the idea that I had to do EVERYTHING that a Bad Boy does in order to have women dig me.

Well, the good news is that I've realized that it's very possible (and can be fun) to take some of the great things that Bad Boys do to attract women... and learn them... WITHOUT the abuse. You probably see where I'm going here. YES, Bad Boys often throw tantrums and "lose their composure". This is true.

But I think that throwing tantrums, yelling at women, and being physically abusive to women are all horrible. They're just not good. On the other hand, keeping your COMPOSURE is the "right way" to deal with many situations with women. When you keep your composure, you actually show that you're EVEN STRONGER than if you were to get upset. I mean, if you WANT to get upset, feel free. Maybe we'll see you on the next Springer rerun...
But COMPOSURE is a much better way. Try it, you'll like it.


O Lord Dave,

I bow down to thee and all thy wisdom. Ahhhh man, you have changed my life. This isn't a success story about one girl, because think that that would be too narrow minded. Instead, I just want to tell you, and all of your readers how much your material can change a persons life for the better. I used to be a "nice guy", and I honestly believed that I had my personality sorted, and that women must have been turned off by something else. But nothing seemed to be working for me. So when I came across your stuff, I thought, "hey, it can't hurt, if nothing else is working, then what have I got to lose". And wow man, you completely blew me away, Both your e-book and CD series are amazing. Now I have no problem with women, and I've found myself becoming far more selective, which brings me on to my question.

I'm seeing this one lady at the moment, She's not what you would normally call a hot woman, probably about 5 on the scale, but out of all the 9's and 10's who I've met, I prefer her company, and I have more fun with her. I've been using all of your stuff, and it seems to be working, again. But now she wants to have a serious talk with me. We've kinda been more friends who see each other up till now, and I don't know whether she wants to just be friends, or more than that. When we meet, I'm going to say that I don't want a full blown relationship, but that I still want to be more than friends. Is this ok, or should I be doing something else.

Thank you Lord Dave


OK, cool it with the "Lord Dave" stuff. Maybe "Sir Dave", or even "Master Dave"... but no Lord Dave. You know, if I may say so myself, you sound kind of like a CHICK... lol.

You're all freaked because a girl wants to have a "serious talk" with you, and you don't know if she just wants to be friends... lol. Dude, come here so I can he-bitch-man-slap you. You're saying this whole thing about "I have more fun with her, even though she's only a 5" like it's a BAD thing. Look man, I have some bad news for you...

If you enjoy your time with her, then do what you want. It doesn't matter if she's a "10". A woman that you actually enjoy spending time with is a great thing. And why are you asking me if it's OK to tell her the truth about how you feel? You're big now. You can do it. I think you're going to be OK.***COMMENT***

She'll accept ass-kissing from a guy that she likes... but only up to a point. Once you cross the ass-kiss of no return, it's all over. And you won't even see it coming. Dave, I have seen your DVDs, bought your material--I am a huge fan--a NY lawyer turned musician/mathematician. This is brilliant advice, and so baldly and well put. I am in the 6th year of a "long-distance" relationship--not until I began to follow some of your core principals did I start to regain some of the power in my relationship.

You are totally right--you cannot let down, because of the 2 trillion times a day these gorgeous women are approached (my girlfriend and I were hysterical when on the CD Bigger and Blacker by Chris Rock about the 'want some dick?' behind every male micro-move).

And one more thing--the blonde thing. My God. I always fell for brunettes, very good looking ones I have gone out with. But going out with a Princess Di blonde is an experience that verifies you Dave in the biggest way. They are treated like absolute royalty/potential sex material *everywhere they encounter men*--and the blondes are dumb because they don't even realize how outrageously 'special' the attention they get is, and number two, and more along the Dave D. lines, the men don't realize that when they Offer some Dick, they are one [more of the] million--almost as bad as Sperm Wars.

Keep up the outstanding work,


Well thank you... I think.

You're right. I once met a topless dancer that told me that when she dyed her hair blonde she QUADRUPLED the money that she made. Go figure. I like brunettes myself. Whatever.

And you're also right about the fact that most men don't even realize that when they come across like they want one of these women that it makes them average and instantly uninteresting. Thanks for the email.



I know I've said it before in emails, but thanks so much for your DVD advanced series. Just the basics about the psychology and biology of attraction on the first 2 discs was enough to kick my confidence into overdrive, and now that I'm putting the entire program into practice, the results are astounding and I honestly never thought my life could be like this. I've gone from wanting a girlfriend, to specifically NOT wanting a girlfriend because I'm having way too much fun with this stuff!

My question is this - now that I can walk into a bar or other setting and get positive responses from the ultra-hot, model-type women who I didn't even bother with only a few months ago because I assumed they only date millionaires, those are the only kinds of women I want. Now that I've experienced them it's hard to go back to the above-average type women I previously was very attracted to. (The ironic part is the ultra-hot women respond even better to your material than regular women who tend to get insecure over it). However, would it be a good idea to keep going out with some "regular" women for practice? They don't interest me much anymore but I feel like I should hang out with some to practice my C&F rather than use the really hot chicks for my "trial and error" experimentation. Thanks again for all your info - it's worth a thousand times the price!




You are talking about a HUGE shift here. Isn't it AMAZING when you go from "wanting and needing" a girlfriend to NOT wanting one because life is great without one? Of course, this usually comes full-circle eventually and makes you want a GREAT girlfriend. And, of course, when you get to that point you're usually good enough with women and have enough options to find a really GREAT one.

lol... your question is GREAT.

Now that you have the ability to approach the "ultra-hot" women, should you "practice" on "regular" women. You're such a MAN!


Sounds like a tough situation you're in. I'd say this...

Approach all the HOT ones first. If you run out, then move on to "regular" women for "practice". You're cracking me up over here. I personally practice on just about every woman I meet.

Trial and error is a natural part of development. And meeting women is no different. Just make sure you don't take it personally when something doesn't work out, or if you make a mistake. Remember, over 3,000 women turn 21 in the U.S.A. ALONE every DAY. If something doesn't work out with one, there will be another... and another...

Oh, and you're right... the things I'm teaching work INCREDIBLY well with "ultra hot" women. In fact, I have to agree that these concepts work BEST with women who are unusually attractive.

Thanks for the email.


Dear Dave,

It was roughly a year ago that I purchased your book and began with the e-mails. I have to say that I was at one time quite good with women, or maybe just "lucky." Over time I somehow became chief of the wusses over several different girls. I don't even want to verbalize how badly I sucked at attracting women during those times. I don't know how it happened, but out of the blue it seemed I couldn't pull a piece of a@# to save my life. After a year of CONSTANT practice and EXTREME de-wussification, I feel that I am on the long road to recovery.

Last night I experienced the volume knob principle on a level I've never thought was possible. Over the course of several hours (six, not counting sleeping the night in her bed), from the bar, to the grocery store, to her place, to christening four different rooms in her house, I found that everything without a doubt that you have taught in your book is absolute and complete truth. I was literally amazed at her reactions and I was able to calmly predict and calculate my next moves. I turned her volume knob up so slowly and so subtly, that she literally had to go outside for fresh air on two occasions before we could continue. Some of the best screams and moans I've ever heard. It was amazing to watch a woman convince herself that even though we just met that day, that her true desire was to give herself over to me completely. Then after satisfying her to a level that I don't think she has ever experienced (she called the evening divine), I can now repeat this process with her or move on to others, and still have her. Amazing!

One thing that you may find interesting, this woman is super-feminist all the way. She just finished a book on "The Power of Women" (her fourth book). It was great watching her hand it ALL over to ME in one evening. Thanks Dave, I can't wait get your Advanced Series.

North Carolina


Very nice!

I get a lot of emails from guys who USED TO BE good with women, but for some reason have turned into WUSSBAGS. It's a sad story, really.

It just goes to show you that even if you KNOW how to be successful with women, and HAVE BEEN successful with women, you can still "lose the touch". I think a lot of guys who have never had much success with women have a "secret excuse" for not being successful. It's always something. They assume that some guys just have a special certain something that women want.

But the funny thing is that even if you ARE successful with women, it doesn't guarantee that you will be in the future. Even if you have that "certain something", you can lose it by acting like a Wuss. Of course, once you "get it", and understand those little things that are always happening with women... and learn how to do "illogical" things that make women feel that amazing emotion called ATTRACTION... everything changes.

I've personally gone from not being able to even TALK to a woman I don't know to being able to approach any woman in any situation and have a VERY HIGH chance of getting a date with her... and of course more, if I want.

If you're reading this right now, and saying to yourself "I would really like to know how he does that", then I'd like to share the secrets with you.

...and if you would like to learn the basics of how to be successful with women and dating, you need to go download a copy of my online eBook "Double Your Dating". It and the the three bonus booklets that come along with it are a killer introduction to my concepts and techniques.

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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