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Courtesy 'Double Your Dating' by David D.

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***Question From A Newsletter Reader***

Hey Dave,

First off, mad props for taking the time to write a book that everyone can read and use. I have yet to buy it (next week I will though - payday), but I have been receiving your newsletters and enjoying the material in there.

Now after receiving your emails for a few weeks, I decided to try using the cocky and funny approach on every girl I came across (I've always been too shy to do this consistently.. only situationally).

So I did this at work, at coffee shops, at the bar, you name it. I hadn't tried the email/number techniques yet though. And I had only been doing this for a week when I happened to meet a girl that was incredibly attractive, smart, and just the complete package. So she received my largest C&F effort yet. It worked like a charm! We talked for only a few minutes the first time we met but I left an impression. The second time we met, we chatted and joked around for a few hours and I asked her on a date, which she readily accepted.

So we went on that date, and things went great. I was nervous about going out with her, but from the start I made the decision that I wanted to use her for practise.

I know that sounds bad to alot of people, but it's more of a frame of mind than anything else. So anyhow, we went to dinner first (yeah - I know), we talked, we joked, we had a good time.

Then we went to a movie (which was originally the plan, to just go see this movie we both wanted to see, and that was all.. the dinner was tacked on by her really), and I tried a form of a kiss test.

Since we had already reached a level of comfort/friendliness through conversation, it was time to check out physical playfulness.

So during the movie (comedy), there were a lot of funny moments as expected. Well, one of them was hilarious and we both went nuts laughing, so I did the laugh and slap your own leg thing.. except I used her leg.

And I did it lightly enough so that it won't leave a mark, but stung a bit. Which is what I wanted actually.

She responded by saying "hey, that hurt!" while smiling at me, so I said "oh, poor baby, want me to kiss it better?". She got off on my playfulness and raised her leg up so I could kiss it.

So I kissed her leg, and I said "There you go kid, all better!", and I followed that up with "I hope I don't have to hit you in the face to get a kiss!":) I still laugh when I think of that one. She thought that was so funny she just cracked right up, it was great! A little off the wall, but great! Then I just waited for the next funny part, which was like, 10 seconds later, and I looked into her eyes, down to her lips, and back to her eyes, and kissed her. She was incredibly responsive.

Now, I'm talking in slow motion here because that portion setup what has been a great thing between myself and this girl since that date. But I need to fast forward to the problem part.

So to fill in the gaps in a rather boring fashion, the date led to a next day hot-tub at her place (she called me), and sex the day after that. She was completely into me. We had spent almost every single day together for the next 3 weeks. Anytime I tried to take a day off, she wouldn't have any of that.

The sex was amazing, and got better and better each time. And that all led to the problem:

She through me a wicked wicked curv ball that I didn't expect or see coming, and I didn't react the way I should have. She not only came out and said 'I love you', she followed that up with 'I think you are the one '!!! That is some deep, serious shit right there. That through me off my game big time. It was like being at the plate with no bat while Randy Johnson throws fastballs at me. 'Holy shit!'

I ended up having a day (the next day), where I really needed to be alone, and quiet, to contemplate this whole scene. Unfortunately, she said those words while we were on a camping trip... so when I was acting quiet and distant, she didn't know what to do.

She hadn't seen me like that. So I played it off like I was grumpy. That wasn't really the best move, but I was feeling confused. Here I have this amazing chick who has just said some incredibly huge words to me.

I was stuck, and it turned me into a wuss again:( That day of the camping trip sucked, and it was a short camping trip (arrived friday night, left sunday morning), so it wasn't a very good one.

The friday night was amazing, but what she said setup the confusion for the rest of it.

So on the Monday after we got back, we sat down and talked, and decided that it was much too early for that and we should take a step back and hold the 'I love you' stuff for another time.

Well, that lasted until that friday when she came over and said "I've been thinking about this alot, and I am SO in love with you. I know we said we didn't want to go there, but you are just so amazing I can't picture my life without you."

Another curv ball. Another wussifying statement. And once again, I felt confused and a little overwhelmed. She has everything I want in a woman, and she's telling me that I'm what she wants in a man. Well, that changed all too quickly. I turned into a wuss.

For some dumb reason, I felt that her confessions of love required me to be more sentimental, caring, and lubby dubby. What the hell was I thinking!!!

Exactly one week after that, and about 4 days of me being completely off my game and catering to her needs, she decides that she has lost the attraction. She didn't say exactly that, but it was obvious by our sex life which all of a sudden disappeared.

So we discussed it, and she felt like being with me was like "training a puppy" because I lacked confidence in my actions.

At that point, I knew she was right because lately, I wasn't acting confident in my actions. I let all of my actions and decisions take her feelings into consideration first, which ends up making me hesitate and appear to lack confidence.

At the same time, during the 3 or 4 days prior to that talk, she had stopped liking my jokes and taking things offensively. I was not impressed with that. So I brought that up after her "training a puppy" comment, and I followed it up with a "you know what... we're done."

And that was it, I broke up with her. Now I'm sitting here thinking about how amazing this girl is, and how the only reason we aren't together is because I acted like a wuss after the "I love you"'s came out. The thing is, everyone around us seen a strong love between myself and this girl, and nobody can believe it turned out like this. Neither can I, but at least I know why.

Problem now, is that I know that we had a strong love (as early as it was), and I want that back. I know how wussy that sounds, but I feel like this ended prematurely. I feel confident that I can go out and get numbers and get dates, etc... but it doesn't feel right at this point.

I am tempted to call her and at least say "It's too bad things didn't work out between us, but I would like to remain friends, blaw blaw blaw...".

It has only been a little over a day since we broke up (sunday now, and we broke up friday night), so I don't know if I should even bother calling her, or if I should wait a couple days to see if she calls me, or whatever. I don't want to wait to be honest.

Despite what happened this past week, she is still someone that is incredibly special. No other girl I've met has had her qualities. Which is what makes this so damn

tough. So any advice you can throw me is more than appreciated. What should I do here Dave?

>>>David D:

Your letter was long, but I had to include it. Let this be a lesson to you...


Don't do it.
And the most important reason is the one you've demonstrated with your situation: Because you'll screw up the one situation that really matters, when and if it comes.

Women are NOT attracted to WUSSIES.
And men tend to start acting like wussies when they really like a girl.

Here's what to do:
1) Don't call her.
2) Go date other women, IMMEDIATELY.
3) If you talk to her again because you ran into her or she calls you, MENTION THAT YOU'RE DATING OTHER WOMEN, AND DO THE THINGS YOU DID WHEN YOU FIRST MET HER THAT ATTRACTED HER IN THE FIRST PLACE. (If you don't hear from her for a few weeks or a month, you may call her ONCE.)
4) Write "I will not act like a WUSS-BAG again." 1,000 times.
Now, go and be a Wussy no more.



I have been using the techniques like C&F and have had a huge success. Honest to God, i now have several girls on the ropes, and i have the luxury of choosing my choice. It is wonderful. You are a genius. (i figured your ego needed a little boost)

Now i have a situation on my hands. There is a new girl at my workplace, who is very attractive and funny. We get along great. The other day i told her about a concert that i am going to and she begged me, not just begged but pleaded with me to get her a ticket.

Then within the next 5 minutes she was asking me for my number and email address. That is right asking me. I made a smart remark along the lines of "I've only been training you for 3 days and you are already hitting on me, damn that has to be a new record...(dramatic pause) Most girls only take a couple of minutes to see my un-resistable charm."

I realize it isn't the greatest line ever but it worked. She was all over it. And retorted with "I always was the stubborn one."

So now she is emailing me, and calling me and always talking to me and flirting with me at work. So far so good, here is where the problem kicks in. The other night i am walking out from work and locking the building and she looks over rolls her eyes, and sighs that her boyfriend is here to pick her up. the next day she came to work and was telling me that she and her boyfriend are going to be breaking up soon and she doesn't know when. What do i do? I mean to me all the signs are there, how do i field this one? Do i even DARE field this one? HELP

n.s ND

>>>David D:

OK, two rules of thumb:
1. Don't dip your pen in the company ink.
2. Avoid women who are involved.
Why? Because it's usually just plain short-sighted to do these things.
Some boyfriends are jealous and crazy, and if a workplace romance goes bad (which they usually do), then it can create all kinds of weird vibes. Trust me.

I have to comment, though... you're technique and flirting is FANTASTIC. You're really onto something with this line of humor. I love it.


Ok David, first off, I would like to say thank you for taking the years that you did to get all of this great info., and then be generous enough to spread the knowledge. Here is my situation. I knew this girl back in high school, and I haven't seen her since graduation (about 2 yrs ago).

I bumped into her the other day and WOW (she is a 9.5 easy). Well, having not yet tried out any of your techniques, I thought "What the hell, let's go for it." It worked. The c/f technique was golden. Got her email AND number.

Well, we eventually went out and had a great time. A couple of days later, I went over to see her new place, and well, things got a little wild. (it all started with your amazing kiss technique- thanks again)

So here's the deal.

She likes me a lot, and I like her a lot, but I have been playing back in order to keep the ugly head of the "wussy" out of the picture. When is a good time (or is there a good time at all) to be serious with her? Do I bust on her all the time, b/c I don't want her to think I am a jerk? Any help you can give is great.

Thanks again.

Double Your Dating eBook>>>David D:

Well, I don't exactly know what you mean by "serious". If you mean "When can I talk about how I'm sad because my dog got run over and my inner child needs a hug", then NEVER is the answer.

Well, maybe you can have one "serious" conversation like this on the 10th date, and it can last no longer than 5 minutes. Just stay away from heavy emotional issues, problems, drama, and general WUSS topics. If you need a friend, GET A DOG! lol... I forgot where that line is from, but I love it.


David D., offers a free weekly newsletter:
here - just enter your email and you'll get great articles to advance your dating success!


Hi David,
I'll keep this short and sweet... (you probably get this all the time and are sick of hearing it although i did not yet read a response so I'll quit prematurely apologizing.) I'm like a 6-7 and want to date 8-9's. I'm slightly above average looking and want to date girls above my range. Is this possible? I can't settle for less so how can I pull this off with out getting rejected 9 out of 10 approaches??

>>>David D:

This is a very interesting combination of questions...
First of all, what would be so bad about only having 1 out of 10 women who are "8-9" range go out with you?

Just think of it...

You could make 10 women feel good by approaching them and boosting their self esteem, and one of them would wind up going out with you.

You'd probably spend about 60 minutes of time, and about 147 calories of energy (try a Zone bar or something if begin to feel tired).

Investment: One hour plus 147 calories

Return: A date with an unusually attractive woman.

I'd play that game with you all day long.
I think you see where I'm going with this.
The problem most guys have is that they imagine the 9 times that they don't wind up with a date as being "cold, hard, shut down" style rejections.

And unless you have no class or tact at all, this just isn't going to happen.
At the Double Your Dating LIVE! seminar, my friend Orion shared his perspective when it comes to meeting women. (I've personally seen this guy get 25 women's phone numbers in three days... with my own two eyes)
His objective is "to make women smile". He likes to see if he can make a woman smile when he starts talking to her. Then, if she's the kind of woman that he'd like to date, he gets her information.

Think of it! He wants to find out if SHE'S THE KIND OF WOMAN HE LIKES by seeing if he can make her smile before he decides if she's the kind of woman he'd like to date.

Interesting new way of looking at things.


Look around... you'll see all kinds of stunning women with average guys. It's actually the rule, rather than the exception.
And try making women smile when you meet them... and find out if they're beautiful on the INSIDE as well as the outside before you choose to see them again.



Date #1 was coffee. Date #2 was yesterday, and success came as a surprise. Here's why.

I understand the theory behind being cocky/funny, but from lack of experience, I couldn't quite start doing it on date #1. Now, on date #2 (same cutie), I somehow managed to do it a bit where opportunity arose.

I also managed to avoid some direct questions, especially about work and family.

But she seemed a bit distracted and I didn't quite feel a connection building. Worst of all: a Voice in the back of my head kept saying, "Man, you're just not doing this right; you're missing something; you've got so much to learn; back to the drawing board!"

However, I *just stuck to the method.* No one overhearing us would have said, "This guy is funny as hell," but he would have said, "This guy has a sense of humor and is confident."

We ate sushi, then went to a movie (A Beautiful Mind).

Suddenly *she* started touching me while whispering comments. Afterwards, we got to kissing without even a kiss test! The only hard part was to cut it short with a "hey, you're fast!" and leave while still on a roll.

THE WORD OF CAUTION to all fellow trainees: Don't listen to the Voice! Don't evaluate while on the date. Don't worry. Just have fun. Stick to the method. Boy was I surprised when this cutie suddenly was so warmed up I could smell the pheromones!

NOW FOR MY QUESTION to you, Dave. As practice, I answered some ten online personal ads, got two replies, but in both cases the girl dropped the ball. I realized that I did not apply any cocky/funniness in the emails. Should I? How to do it email? How is it different from in person? I'm unsure about the strategy here.

>>>David D:

I'm really glad you wrote in, because you really hit the nail on the head and brought up points that I have seen and dealt with a lot... both in my personal experience, and when coaching guys in general.

A lot of guys have this idea that if they're not seeing "instant results" that what they're doing isn't working.

In other words, if a guy says something that's cocky and funny, and the girl doesn't jump on him, he assumes that he made a mistake.

Even worse, sometimes women will respond to cocky/funny comments with the "I can't believe you just said that" look... to which a lot of guys respond with "Oh, um... I was just kidding".

Big mistake.

The best thing to do when a woman gives you this kind of look or response is to SAY SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S EVEN MORE COCKY AND FUNNY!

Then, if she keeps actually objects to what you're saying in a "serious" way, you'll know that she's probably a cold fish and not going to be any fun anyway.

But in MOST cases, you'll find that the second comment either gets a laugh... or at least a "I can't believe you just said that" look.


I know that this may be hard to believe, but stop for a moment and think back in your own experience to see if this makes sense...

Now that I'm to a point where I could care less what a woman thinks of me, and I don't respond to these kinds of things by backing down, I find that women are FAR more attracted to me. Women simply are not ATTRACTED to men who kiss their asses.

And this is a great example of what often happens when you just stick to the program, and don't wuss out.

Now, on to your actual question...

Let's talk about how to deal with women when meeting them via the personals.
First of all, imagine what it's like to be a woman who's running a personal ad.
1) She'll get dozens of responses a day, in most cases.
2) Most of the responses are from desperate loser guys who make it very clear that they are not at all attractive.
3) Within a few days all of the guys seem to blur together into one big mass of exactly what she isn't looking for.

So let's play this out.

You're a woman who's tired of playing the dating game, meeting guys at bars, or whatever... and you think "Hey, maybe I should place a personal ad and see if I can meet a nice guy." So you get online and see an ad for a free trial at a personal ad site, and you go for it.

The first day of your ad, you get 35 responses. You're thinking "Wow, this is cool. I'm going to be able to choose between all these guys... there HAS to be a few good ones in here..." so you go to work reading through them.

The first one says "I'm a DWM, 45, two kids, looking for a SWF for a LTR...."
You're so bored that you delete it thinking to yourself "I hope they're not all that boring."

Second one says "Hi, you're really hot. If you'd like to get together for some "no strings attached" physical fun, get back to me. I'm very into giving pleasure..."

And on and on... and the next day there are 35 more full of the same stuff...
If you think that I'm exaggerating, just ask a few women who have run personals. This is real world.

With that said, if you're going to work with the personals, you need to do a few things to:
1) Get her attention and stand out.
2) Come across as something OTHER than a loser.
3) Get her to answer you, then get her on the phone ASAP, before she tunes out from all the responses.

To answer your first question, YES you should be cocky and funny with personals! As a matter of fact, you need to turn up the volume for this special occasion...

Here's an example of something I might say:
"Well, you sound like you might be more than just another pretty face. Something tells me that you're probably getting about 50 emails a day from loser guys saying things like "Hi, I'm freshly divorced from my seventh wife, have 5 delinquent kids... but the good news is that I have a good chance at finally getting a job..." etc.

In any event, I'm 35, have my life together, and I'm more than the usual amount of interesting and funny, so you'd better like to laugh.

You sound like you might make an interesting friend, so let's get together for a cup of something delicious and some interesting conversation... if you think you can handle it, that is!"

I can see it now... you're probably already going out and signing up for ten online personal sites and you're thinking "Hey, cool... I'll just cut and paste what David D. wrote here and the chicks will bangin' my door down."
Well, in fact that might happen. And I'd recommend that you test this one out...

But here are a few more tips for you, based on a LOT of experience:
1) If you're going to use the personals, you have to STAY ON TOP OF THEM. You want to be one of the first 10 people to email a woman! Not number 293. Yes, this means paying attention.
2) You need to do something to make it personal. Use your cocky and funny skills to talk about something she said in her ad. If she's into dogs, say "Hey, let's go down to the pet store and see if we can't get your pooch one of those extra-fancy chew toys that are like Krispy Kremes for dogs." Use your imagination, and stay cocky and funny.
3) Get her on the phone as soon as you possibly can. Remember, even though she sounds like she likes you in the first email or two, she's STILL GETTING 40 MORE GUYS SENDING HER RESPONSES EVERY DAY. If you don't get her on the phone fast, you'll just fade into the pool of losers in her mind.

Here's a little secrets: Personals are one of the BEST places to learn and practice how to be cocky and funny, because you can THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO SAY! It's like a real world simulator. I love it.
Thanks for your email... and for reminding everyone how important it is to "stick to the plan."



I was in a VERY noisy club the other night in Cabo San Lucas (I'm on vacation) and spotted this babe dancing alone away from the crowd.

I approached her with your, "Hi! I noticed you over here and thought I'd take a sec to find out what you might be like... are you friendly?" with a cocky sort of smile. She warmed up instantly and conversation flowed into an eventual makeout session there in the club.

It was the first of three successes I've had in one week... more than I typically had in 6 months before reading your book... so Muchos Gracias!

However, I want to get REALLY good at the Cocky & Funny (C&F) thing and hone that skill so I come across that way in ALL of my interactions with women (not just when I happen to be "on").

Can you recommend some drills/exercises or some kind of action plan to RAPIDLY hone this skill in the next couple months? How did you develop it?

Double Your Dating eBook>>>David D:

The book that I always recommend is called "Comedy Writing Secrets" by Helitzer. It's such a great book, and it has a bunch of great exercises inside to help you increase your humor skills. As you're working on it, just think COCKY and Funny.

I personally developed a lot of my Cocky and Funny skills by chatting online over instant messenger services with women. When you use one of these IM programs, it gives you a chance to think of great things to say, because the conversation is about 1/5th the speed of normal conversation. It's great practice, and you can write down different lines to try, then get online and use them... with real women, even!
Great job, and keep it up.



I have read your e-book. I think it's great, but questions always arise. I have been dating a woman for five weeks. We've had several wonderful dates.

She's a really sweet girl, and I think there is a lot of potential. We have spent the night together three times, but have not yet had full intercourse. I give her oral sex every time and always bring her to orgasm. When I told that I wanted to have full intercourse with her, she told me that she doesn't do that right away.

She said she usually does not get naked with a man, but did so with me because she likes me. We discussed our feelings about sex, and I have never pressured her.

I always aim to please her sexually. She is definitely enjoying what I do for her, and I enjoy doing it for her.

Unfortunately, she hardly touches me or does anything to satisfy me sexually.

How should I interpret and handle this? I have been considering gently guiding her hand when she gets to the right location, but I'm not sure if this is a good approach.

I may even talk to her about it, but I'd rather her advance on me without my prodding. Should I hold off on giving her oral sex? My intuition tells me that doing so would not be very productive. Do you have any suggestions?

>>>David D:

DANGER! You are rapidly approaching the WUSS ZONE!
One thing that you DON'T want to do is TELL A WOMAN THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER!

Why not? Because you're GIVING AWAY ALL OF YOUR POWER when you do that.

That's what ALL men want from her... don't make me come over there and shake you!

You say that you have my eBook. I want you to QUICKLY open up the bonus booklet that came along with it called "Sex Secrets". Inside you'll read what to do.

You need to get her turned on more... to the point where she's ripping your clothes off. Don't just give her pleasure like Mr. Wussy... that's old. She can get that anywhere.

You need to be different. You need to build anticipation and amplify the ATTRACTION. If you don't you're probably going to find her getting bored of you because you're so predictable and boring.
Trust me.


Hi Dave,
After reading your book, I put many of your tactics into action. I work in a casino, so I get to meet a lot of beautiful young women. Once I got over the initial reluctance to ask them for their email/phone number, I started getting quite a few numbers in a night.

The other night there was a woman who was so gorgeous, it hurt. I walked over and chatted with her for a few minutes, then asked if she had email.

She said "Sure, I do! Let me write it down for you." Without asking she put down her phone number as well.

The younger guys who work for me now call me a "God". They have no idea how I can do it. Better looking guys are complaining that I get more phone numbers and emails in one night than they've got their whole lives.

One of the women was classic. She looked a combination of Sheryl Crow and Jennifer Aniston combined.

She complained she wasn't winning on the machine and asked me what the secret was. I said, "I don't know the secret today, but if I figure it out, I'll email it to you. All I need now is your email address and your phone number in case email is down."

She was taken aback, but asked for my pen and wrote it down.

Now instead of being alone on my days off, I have a lot of options which are all great ones. Thanks for your advice and changing me out of wuss mode.

>>>David D:

Options are great, aren't they?

And isn't it amazing how a woman will give out her email and number if you just talk for a few minutes and then ask for it?

I can remember when I first started learning this stuff... it seemed to that no woman in her right mind would just give out her phone number to a complete stranger...

But then I discovered that no woman is actually IN her right mind! (Or at least this is my logical deduction, because they all seem to give out their phone numbers and email addresses so readily!)

But to get back to the concept of "options"...
When you, as a guy, have options, it changes EVERYTHING.
When you have a date that evening plus three women to email or call, things are TOTALLY DIFFERENT than when you have nothing going on.
You feel different, you talk different, and you communicate in a different way.

I believe that one of the reasons that attractive women come across so powerfully is because they KNOW that they have options.

And one of the benefits of learning how to be more successful with women and dating is that you learn to CREATE YOUR OWN OPTIONS. When you know that you can walk out the door anytime you want and meet women, it frees up a lot of mental energy that was previously focused on other things. Energy you can use to improve other areas of your life...
Thanks for your email... it's inspiring.



I've always been really shy and introverted. And, obviously, it has not exactly worked to my advantage with dating. I've done all sorts of things to get rid of this shyness - I took a job as a waiter, a salesperson, taken public speaking classes, read books etc.. and nothing has worked nearly as well as your e-Book and e-mails!!

Thanks a ton - you've given me superior confidence and I owe it all to you.
Now, onto the question...

In addition to being a bit shy, I have also always been a pretty witty, sarcastic guy which really helped when developing a more CF attitude. Whenever I'm talking to girls, I ALWAYS get socked in the arm or get that that "Oh no you didn't" look. However, I can't approach girls for the life of me.

But, once I'm "in there", I just have these girls on a string, like a marionette. What do you say?
Bloomington, IN


Well, I can really appreciate where you're coming from on this one. Let me mention quickly that I've really put a lot of time and effort into making my materials "shy guy friendly" and I've focused on teaching things that any guy can use...
even if you're "naturally" very shy.

I've been there.

I can remember times in the past where I've sat looking at a girl for HOURS... without being able to work up enough nerve to walk over and start a conversation... and then I'd go home and think about it for DAYS. I'm with you. I'm going to give you an idea for how to overcome your shyness and approach women, and then I'm going to give you a recommendation.

Here's the idea first:

Go download one of the free instant messengers that are available online, and spend an evening starting conversations with random women online.
I did this quite a bit myself, and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY.

Try different things.
Say "Hi".
Say "You sound like you're probably pretty old".
Say "You spelled a word wrong in your profile".
Say "You're exactly what I've been looking for. Let's get married and drive to Vegas. Are you game?".

In other words, just play around and see what kinds of responses you get.
Of course, don't say anything overly bizarre or vulgar...

the internet cops might take away your internet connection or something spooky. But just learn how to deal with that initial jolt of emotion that you get when you're starting a conversation with a woman that you don't know.

Keep it up until:
1) You can sit down anytime and start a conversation with a woman on the internet without hesitating.
2) You're getting positive responses. (I'm not talking about women saying "Hey hot stuff, come over now!". I'm talking about women just responding by talking to you.)

This will help you to understand that your fear of approaching and starting conversations with women is UNFOUNDED.

In other words, you'll SEE WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYES that nothing bad is going to happen to you if a woman doesn't want to talk to you. You'll also see that some women are busy, some are not nice people, and some are friendly and open.

Said differently, you'll realize that it's not about YOU when a woman doesn't respond to you warmly... and it won't HURT you, either. Next, get out into the real world and start making small talk with women... WITH NO INTENTION OF TAKING THINGS ANY FURTHER THAN THAT CONVERSATION.

When you start a conversation thinking "I want to get that girl's number" it puts HUGE PRESSURE on you...

ESPECIALLY if you're not comfortable doing things like approaching women.

So chill.

Go to the mall, and walk into EVERY store.

When a sales girl says "Can I help you with something?" respond by saying "I don't think you're qualified to give me the kind of help that I need, but thanks for the offer". If you wind up buying something in one of the stores, ask the girl for a 50% discount.

When she asks why, tell her that it should be obvious...
it's because she thinks you're special.

After you've had fun, walk away. Leave. Don't worry about getting numbers or dates. Just work on starting conversations in "easy" situations (where the women are PAID to talk and be nice to you).

Do this three or four times over the course of a few weeks, and you'll start to change how you THINK about these types of situations. You'll SEE how women will respond, and it will change how you FEEL. Finally, remember that it's not NECESSARY to learn how to approach women that you don't know... if you don't want to. There are PLENTY of situations that allow you to meet women without ever having to "approach" them.

Go check out some dance classes. Try swing or salsa. Imagine being able to:
1) Learn how to dance (which women think is hot)
2) Have one conversation after another as you change partners...
Now, there are all kinds of places like this where you can skip the "approaching women" step, and just move right into the Cocky & Funny or getting numbers. Put your mind to it, and do a little thinking. Look around. Opportunities like this are everywhere.


David D,
About two years ago I really got myself twisted up into a relationship and came out of the thing a real wuss...

Anyway, I went on this crusade to meet, date, and **** as many women as I could. I didn't know about your materials at the time and pretty much learned on my own through trial and error.

Over the last two years I have learned a lot and must say that the information you teach is DEAD ON.

I am currently seeing somebody now steadily, so am not the player I was, but I think I could get 75-80% of the women I talk to to give me their email/phone number, etc....and everything I do is pretty much what you teach in your book!

I had the following exchange with a woman who answered my Yahoo personals ad (which I forgot was even out there)...I wasn't really interested in talking to her because I'm seeing somebody, but just for grins I thought I'd check her out.

This is a really good example of busting on a woman who has a lot of attitude. I think this only goes to show that the women who present a lot of attitude are the MOST vulnerable to the C&F technique. She came at me with a lot of attitude and I threw it back in her face like a bomb. She caved big time. Check it out Dave....

We exchanged maybe 2 emails and I asked for her picture. Here was her response....
HER: "yes, but it's with my friends and i dont really give it out too i kinda wanted to check you out a minute before i sent you a pic...hey dont worry i am not hard on the eyes...just protective over my privacy and that of my friends if you know what I mean.....k?"
ME: "Well, I don't usually get to know somebody without seeing a if I don't like what I see, I'll come up with some story about having to go out of town to visit a sick uncle."
HER: "'s like that? Well let me give you some insight.....if you dont like what you see....oh well! for are like buses....there is another one coming by every 20 minutes.....the question is whether i choose to get on it or not."
ME: "Thanks for the "insight", but I am the bus DRIVER baby, and if you don't have your buss pass I aint lettin your ass ON the buss. And yes there may be another bus comin along, but if you just hop on any bus, there's no guarantee it's gonna take you where you really wanna go. I have my own car, girl..I ain't waitin for a bus or a woman."

She sent her picture and phone number in the next email and has been on my jock over since. C&F at work...
Keep up the good work, Dave. I believe in everything you preach.


Isn't it the BEST when a woman tries to act stuck up and bitchy by saying "men are like buses", and you just casually come back with "I'm the buss DRIVER baby"... LOL! (Laughing Out Loud, in internet talk) If you're reading this right now, and you don't "get" what happened, let me lay it out...

This is some cute, hot, snooty babe who is used to men kissing up to her. She was TESTING this guy by trying to act like SHE has all the power.

His response put her in her place, and communicated in a LOUD, CLEAR way that he was NOT one of the men that is going to kiss up to her and FAIL the test.

This kind of "deeper level" of communication is almost ALWAYS taking place when men and women interact. If you know what to look for, and how to deal with it, you'll pass the tests. If you don't, then you won't last long at all with most women.

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




(c) Robert Lee, and David DeAngelo Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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