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Courtesy 'Double Your Dating' by David D.

  • Dating women at work

  • Women don't date average men

  • Replying to personal ads

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The Double Your Dating ebook teaches you the Cocky and Funny attitude/technique.

What this creates in a guy is the confidence to approach women, begin a conversation that leads to getting phone numbers and email addresses and, ultimately, more dates. You’ll be prepared with an initial comment to start the conversation and be prepared for a response to her reply, whether she is reacting positively or negatively to you. This preparation, as instructed in the Double Your Dating ebook, builds confidence in guys which, when followed, easily doubles their dates!

*** Question From An Ebook Reader ***

Dear David:

I have been using the techniques like C&F and have had a huge success. Honest to God, i now have several girls on the ropes, and i have the luxury of choosing my choice. It is wonderful. You are a genius. (i figured your ego needed a little boost)

Now i have a situation on my hands. There is a new girl at my workplace, who is very attractive and funny. We get along great. The other day i told her about a concert that i am going to and she begged me, not just begged but pleaded with me to get her a ticket. Then within the next 5 minutes she was asking me for my number and email address. That is right asking me. I made a smart remark along the lines of "I've only been training you for 3 days and you are already hitting on me, damn that has to be a new record...(dramatic pause) Most girls only take a couple of minutes to see my un-resistable charm." I realize it isn't the greatest line ever but it worked. She was all over it. And retorted with "I always was the stubborn one." So now she is emailing me, and calling me and always talking to me and flirting with me at work. So far so good, here is where the problem kicks in. The other night i am walking out from work and locking the building and she looks over rolls her eyes, and sighs that her boyfriend is here to pick her up. the next day she came to work and was telling me that she and her boyfriend are going to be breaking up soon and she doesn't know when. What do i do? I mean to me all the signs are there, how do i field this one? Do i even DARE field this one? HELP

n.s ND

>>>David D:

OK, two rules of thumb:
1. Don't dip your pen in the company ink.
2. Avoid women who are involved.
Why? Because it's usually just plain short-sighted to do these things.
Some boyfriends are jealous and crazy, and if a workplace romance goes bad (which they usually do), then it can create all kinds of weird vibes. Trust me.
I have to comment, though... you're technique and flirting is FANTASTIC. You're really onto something with this line of humor. I love it.

*** Question From An Ebook Reader ***

Hey Dave, well, like everyone else that's written I must say your book helped, even before when I read your letters every week they helped. I've had a lot of success. Well I would of never expected myself to email you, cause there was really no point, cause your book helped a lot, but sadly... that day has come, where I need help.. oh yes.

Ok, Thanks to you I got jiggy with it, got girls, but I fell head over heels with this one girl.

Make a long story short. I went out with her, she'd always have fun, but still I wasn't always at my full potential cause she was the one that made me feel all tingly inside and I had just gotten your book.

But, there was this one occasion where I listened to my friend.. he said "tell her you like her".. but I knew I shouldn't cause you always say never tell a girl you like them.

Well, you guessed it. I told her that. And everything started going down hill after that.

And to make matters worse, I finished everything off with her, and well said some things I regret.

After that happened and tried to forget about her, but she IMed me once saying she wanted to give me back something I had given her for her birthday, but she didn't want to give it to me personally. Still had fun teasing her, but nothing.

Then I went out with some girls got #'s to keep my mind off her. Went on vacation. but nothing. 2 months without her drove me crazy, so I emailed her a couple times 3 to be exact.

Made them as cocky and funny as they could be. But no cigar. Now I'm just doomed.

Sure people have told me to move on, and probably you'll say that. But I've tried, but I feel like she's the one.

But she despises me, or so I think. So Dave, is there something you can tell this grasshopper to try get her back or try to do to I don't know.. it's tough though.


As you know, you've done a VERY VERY VERY bad thing...

Here's your homework:

Take out an entire blank notebook full of paper and write the following by hand:
"I will not act like a WUSSY. I will not act like a WUSSY. I will not act like a WUSSY."

When you've filled the notebook you may stop. Get it?


And of course you've gone and made the situation worse with each move you've made... probably to the point where there's not much you're going to be able to do about it.

Just get on with your life, and let this be a lesson to you and anyone reading this. Don't act like a WUSSY! Don't tell a woman you "like" her too early on. Don't call her too often.

Don't act clingy and needy. STOP THAT!
When you act like a Wuss, women lose their ATTRACTION for you... and they can't even explain why it's happening.

So stop that!

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*** Question From A Newsletter Reader ***

Hi David,
I was wondering if you could offer any wisdom on what you've gained from writing and responding to online personal ads. I'm not having a great deal of luck so far. Specifically, my questions are:

1. How brief should your descriptions of yourself and/or your ideal catch be? I've heard it said that "brevity is the soul of wit", but you also want to be memorable, right?

2. When writing descriptions, should you stick with C&F? I've noticed that humor often doesn't translate well in written form, so I wasn't sure how to go about all that.

3. I think I read in a previous newsletter that you recommend not posting a picture. At the same time, I tend to avoid ads without pictures due to having one too many blind dates which ended with me throwing a stick and shouting "fetch!" in order to distract her long enough to get away. Don't you think that by committing a picture on your ad, women might pass you up for the same reason? Or am I mistaken?
An apprentice,

>>>David's Comments:

You've asked some questions that really require more of an in-depth treatment... but here are a few pointers that have taken me YEARS to figure out:

1) You'll get more responses in general by replying to personal ads placed by women than you will by placing your own ad (Unless you're a master of writing personal ads).

2) If you're going to use the personals, look at the new ads that are placed daily, and respond as soon as a woman places her ad. Attractive women typically get 50-100 responses per DAY to personal ads, and it's very easy to get overwhelmed. You'll notice that a lot of women take their ads down after just a few days... this is why.

3) Be charming and funny (also known as COCKY and funny) in your replies (or in your ad, if you write your own). Say things like "I was looking through all these ads here on the internet thinking to myself "Look at all the poor, desperate, lonely women..." and then I saw your ad and thought to myself "Hey, here's a poor, desperate, lonely woman that's actually CUTE..." so I thought I'd write and see if you're as interesting on the inside as you are in this picture..."

4) I mentioned in one of recent newsletters that I got an email from a guy who had his picture taken with some dolphins... and that he's getting tons of responses from that. I've never done it myself, but it sounds like a great idea!


Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.



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