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Hint Your Way Into A Date

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Perry Rose is a syndicated freelance writer for singles on sex, dating and relationships.

You're interested in him, but he isn't asking you out. You want to ask him out but you're afraid of the possibility of being rejected. Oh, boy, can some men relate! It's pretty funny when they both want to go out with one another, but they're both too chicken to ask.

Ok, so it's not all that funny.

For many singles it just ain't that easy to blurt out, "Hey, how 'bout you and I going out on a date?" That thought of being embarrassed because he/she said "no" is to powerful for some people to ask a simple question like that. Well, how about throwing some hints his way?

Granted, with some men you need to use a brick! Men, huh?!

First off, find out if he has a girlfriend. Yeah, yeah, you can just ask him, but, again, many women don't have the guts to do that. Here are a few things you could force out of yourself:

"What does your girlfriend think about that?"

"I bet you drive your girlfriend nuts?"

Insert things like that into the conversation.

If he says he doesn't have one, reply back in a flirtatious way: "Would you like one?" and then give him a playful wink.

As not to turn it into a possibly uncomfortable situation in case he isn't interested, don't stand there looking at him, expecting an answer. Quickly change the subject, and/or continue on with what you were doing before he came. Just give him a smile and walk away.

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He'll know you're interested. And if he isn't, well, he isn't put on the spot. He just won't say anything.

One woman said that she works with a man who likes to cook. On several occasions she said to him: "...well, why don't I come over and you can cook for me...."

Unfortunately each time she said that, he told her that he was too busy to cook, and that he just eats fast foods. Yup, he wasn't interested. But she found out without having to ask him out. It was easier for her. She just couldn't bring herself to come right out and ask a man out, but it was much easier when she hinted around it. Especially when she put it in a humorous manner.

She threw hints like this at another guy. They've been married going on ten years now.

Think of hints you can use on that guy you are interested in that will have him thinking: Hey, is she hinting on the idea of us going out? Think of the past situations he was around, and then think of what kind of hints you could have used. This will get your brain working for the future. If he's interested, he'll jump on it. If he doesn't act on it, throw another hint at him later on. Make sure that even a complete clueless dummy would get it.

Hinting like this is perfect for anyone who just can't bring themselves to ask a person out because they are afraid of being rejected. And, they have to see that person again!

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Copyright 2005 :: Perry Rose is a syndicated freelance writer for singles on sex, dating and relationships.
He is also the author of: 'All About Men; Another Damn Book For Women About Men' & 'Women, Sex And Dating, For The Single Man'.


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