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The Cause And Effect Of Dating Men And Relationships

Non-confrontational examples help men, naturally less mature than women, to become committed and happily planning a future with you.


There is a balance between men and women that can be described as "Cause and Effect".

We see these interactions every day but we seldom initiate a behavior to indirectly get what we want, we directly behave a certain way to get the answer/response we want.

This "Relationship Balance" happens in business, friendship, family and romantic relationships.

Ask and answer. Push forward and pull away.

Think back over your day so far and find the acts of "Cause and Effect" that happened to you today. We you in control or being led?

Which do you prefer?

Could you have made this incident any different by changing what you did?

Sure you could have.

We are directed not only by our own actions but how we react to other people's reactions.

This "decisive reaction" is solely under our control 66% of the time, the remaining percentage being impulsive reaction.

Women are naturally more mature than men. It's this maturity level that allows women, along with understanding "Cause and Effect" to lead men to understanding the bigger picture in relationships, Whether you're looking for more of a commitment, a proposal leading to marriage, as long as you understand "Relationship Balance" you can keep the man you want to catch.

Let's say that you are dating a guy and you really want the relationship to move forward. You want more of a commitment from him. Do you speak loudly and confrontationally about being "exclusive"? Do you harangue him until he agrees to whatever you say just so he can go?

There is no balance in the above examples. You need a different approach, one that isn't demanding, one that isn't confrontational.

Instead there should be some leading examples, another couple's happiness, a planned trip together in the future, that takes a man into a future that does include you, and excludes other women romantically.

Showing a committed future through examples is the best, least resistance creating method.

Cause and Effect in a Balanced Relationship.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Christian Carter


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