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This article: "Is testing men and playing games the wrong way to attract a man or is it the right way to find a man that will stay with you?"

THE CATCH HIM AND KEEP HIM REALITYTesting men is often an issue that women differ on.

"Is it fair, is it nice, will this type of behavior scare him away?"

But, ultimately, will the tests and games you subject a guy to help you to find out that he's a great, compatible person that you can become committed to?

So, does a guy freak out when you:

  • show up late for a date
  • call him later than expected
  • cancel a date to be with friends
  • ask him to meet your parents
  • ask him to join you and your friends on a night out
  • tell him what to wear
  • tell him that his behavior is childish (or otherwise not what you want)

You may not even realize, at first, that you're testing him, he may just think that you are. Does that matter?

Of course it does.

Everything you do is to:

  • qualify him as a worthy match
  • understand the "man inside"
  • let him know that you are your own person even inside a relationship

All of the above behaviors are done to show each other that you have an interest in them but there are hurdles to cover before there will be an "intimate understanding" between each of you.

There is no "laying your heart bare" in the early stages of a relationship if you want to be able to "save yourself" from possible heartbreak.

So there are tests.

Are these tests actually manipulating men?

No, I don't think so.

Guy's play the same type of games. For them it may be unintentional but it certainly is a control issue, who is the leader and who is the follower, of the relationship?

You may even find that men are manipulative, that their "psychology" makes them more prone to being harder to deal with and that men, in general, play more games to get what they want from a woman.

Which leads to the question:

Do men behave romantically just to get what they want or are they true romantics?

This is a huge question to which there is no one answer. The answer varies with each man, with each situation. You have to be on guard.

If you have confidence to deal with a man and his behaviors then you have the control you need to have that men actually seek in a partner.

At the end of everything, men want a woman that is confident, has her life together, and isn't afraid to speak her mind, short of being a bully or antagonistic.

You can't convince a man to love you, but you can prove yourself to him just as he needs to prove himself to be worthy of you.

This proof is in deeds, actions and how you hold your life together.

This brings control and calm to every relationship. Believe it!

The security of your relationship is what these tests and game playing are all about.

So do not be afraid to test men. Just be sure that the test is worthy of you.

Your friend,
Robert Lee

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