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This article: He wants you, but do you give yourself to him right away? NO... give him some mystery, make him chase you, to catch and keep the right guy this is what you must do!

He wants your phone number.

You reply "Well, I do live around here so I guess it won't cost you to much to call me sometime." and leave it at that.

He will say something like this, "Well, what is it?"

And here you make one of the all-time best moves in giving out your phone number to a guy... you ask for a pen and write it on the palm of his hand!

The guy calls for first date.

This should never be taken as a forward move, after all, someone has to call someone and make plans of the first date, where to meet, what to do...

What you have to do is gain the upper hand here, whatever he suggests you counter back with what you'd like to do and where to go. Your idea might be as simple as window shopping and coffee in a local mall, or a trip to a museum... whatever it is, you need to have things YOUR WAY, to increase the amount of mystery he will feel from you.

When creating mystery while dating men you can't be over-anxious to meet with him, to be available on the phone, email and instant chat services. You need to have time to yourself, and be unavailable to him, during the first few weeks, at least, to properly weigh the efforts he makes to date you.

While you shouldn't be totally unavailable, being occupied with other interests that he may or may not share, is a good way to "put him off his game" and make him play by your rules.

These are the first few weeks, the first 2 to 6 dates, when you know he's a "catch" but need to test him to be certain that he will fall for you and love you.

(It doesn't need to be said but, no hanky-panky, no sex, you are just building a relationship on a strong foundation.)

This is not the "How to ignore a woman" game that men play, this is setting up a distinct series of events, time apart and time together, that you control, not him.

Proving he wants you.

There can be no romance if there is no "wanting". To help a guy reveal, to himself, the ardor he has for you is your primary focus when you know he's the guy for you.

Your life isn't an 89 minute movie where everything comes together in the end... but you can play the romance angle this way, certainly.

Even a fish on the hook needs to be played for a while, to tire themselves out, before being reeled in and named a "catch"!

Helping him romance you.

It's a sad fact, but a true one, that guys aren't built with a "romance switch" so they can "turn it on" when necessary.

And because of this defect in a guy's construction you need to "lead him" along the romantic path and see how well he fares.

Through the first few weeks and months of dating a guy you need to give him various "romance tests" to see how well he does in a romantic setting, as well as his responses to surprise romantic events so you can better gauge him for future romantic expectations.

You can do this by celebrating certain milestones of your dating together:

  • First date (not automatic romance, but a little hint should be expected)
  • Fifth date (you surprise him with a rose, and watch his reaction)
  • Tenth date ( a card is good, or a poem you have written)
  • First month (dinner is the usual gift for each other)
  • When you decide to be dating only each other (monogamous anniversary, note this, it's a big one)
  • You can easily add your own personal flourish to what, and when, you celebrate certain milestones that you find significant

Making the commitment.

This is all about love, after all, and when you have helped your man to achieve a level of interest, of romance and of commitment, then you have certainly "Caught Your Man"!

And if some of what I spoke of above makes some sense but needs to be explained a little more in detail, then you simply must read "Catch Him & Keep Him: A Woman's Guide To Finding Mr. Right... And Keeping Him Hooked For Good!"

You can download the ebook here and be reading it in the privacy of where you are right now.

Congratulations on your new-found dating skills...

Catch Him & Keep HimMay your life be blessed with a great man!

Your friend,

Robert Lee




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