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This Article: Your first impression and the way you manage the first conversation you have with a guy will help you understand your own subconscious attraction system and how it affects your interaction with men.

THE CATCH HIM AND KEEP HIM REALITYThere's an old saying that if you give a man enough rope he'll hang himself.

Let's trade "rope" for "conversation" and what you have is a prime test that will help you to converse with a man and at the same time ask the type of personal questions that just might possibly confirm his "dateableness".

ManWhen a guy approaches you, whether or not you've made eye contact before the "Hello's", in that first instant you've forged an opinion of him. These are great instincts to follow you through the series of small talk and questions that can be asked. The hardest part is understand ting what you've learned in that blink of time and putting your instincts to work.

A workable way to do this is to ask yourself, quickly, what five single words would describe the guy in front of you. There is no right or wrong answers to this self-test, just forming an opinion through word association. Do this quickly!

1 - Bear; smile; lively; sports; smart.

2 - Short; hands; penguin; confident; glasses.

3 - Clean; outside; funny; sharp; shy.

These above samples are ideas that any word set are acceptable and recognizing the five immediate words that come to mind as a guy approaches you, moving these thoughts from your subconscious to your working conscious mind, will lead you into areas of conversation that form the beginning of your conversation test.

Starting with example 1 again the questions that may come to mind would be:
- If you were an animal do you think you'd be a bear?
- You have a nice smile, you must have a great dentist…
- Have you ever gone to the (local attraction)?
- What is your favorite sport? Baseball, football or soccer?
- Where did you graduate?

Using your intuition you can easily find five words that form the impression of a guy and as well use these intuitive words to create a conversation. But this technique will take practice for you to move your impression of a guy from your subconscious to your conscious mind.
You might want to start practicing using photos of people you already know. Look at the photo for about 3 seconds then write down the first five words that come to mind. Now create a question for each word.

Your practice of this 'creating conversation' technique should move to the outdoors. As you watch men, you automatically form an impression of them, whether it is attraction or not. Pull out a small pad of paper write down your five impression words. You don't need to write down the questions that come to mind from these words but do consider a question for each word.

Using this conversation technique will help you to learn about a guy as you begin to understand your own impression and attraction mechanism and how you'll learn whether he has integrity and honesty, can handle himself well (this is still a test after all), if you feel a connection that goes beyond your first attraction instinct and if a relationship could follow.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee

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