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Do Not Call Him First

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This Article: Should you worry when he doesn't call you after a date? Do you call him first? What are the rules for who calls whom and when?


Girls, girls, girls... the first rule you always have to remember is that after the first date the guy has to call you to see how you enjoyed the date!

Never, ever, call him first, text him, email him… anything like that.

When he contacts you first, you have the power over him to decide what the next steps of the relationship will be.

If you call him first you give up that power!

You will appear needy, maybe even suffocating!

Don't be desperate, wait for his call.

Sure, you might have to wait three or four days to get that call (note: guys, you're supposed to call within two days to see how the date went!) but waiting is a part of the game for control.

The person that bends or breaks first loses!

Of course there may be mitigating factors, who calls when isn't a hard and fast rule… take for example after your first date you can call him first if:
- He's been in a serious accident
- There has been a death in the family
- He won the lottery (if you won you might be able to do better, don't call him!)
- He's shipping out for military duty

But there are distinct rules in the game of dating and this is the most important:

Don't worry of he doesn't call right away!

Guy's know how to play the dating game so let them think they have the control they seek. By knowing and understanding the basic of first time dating, where you go, for how long and how you end the first date (small kiss on the cheek is acceptable, no more unless it's just a hook-up you want!) you can keep the control of the way the relationship will evolve.

And if he calls right away after saying goodbye, he may be the needy one, the suffocating one, the one that ends up needing a restraining order to keep him away.

Guys understand the rules for dating. Or at least they think they do.

You need to understand the rules they think they know and use them for your advantage.

How else do you expect to "Catch Him & Keep Him"? By being easily available? By saying yes to all his suggestions? By answering all his calls and messages as fast as possible?

Girl, you need to add some control over yourself and some mystery to your dating technique.

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Best wishes,
Robert Lee

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