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Do You Make This Mistake Getting Physical With A Man?

Are guys really in it only for sex?

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This article: "Do you use physical attraction to try to start a deeper, long lasting relationship with a man?"


If your relationship with a guy starts off well and quickly develops into a physical-only relationship, don't expect him to still be there once you start talking of becoming "exclusive" and taking the relationship to "the next level".

You have to tell yourself in a way that you will understand that sex and commitment are intertwined emotionally. They are dependent on each other if you want to have a long-term relationship with a guy.

I can say this all I want to you, but it's your life and you must understand that a guy will gladly accept a physical, sexual relationship with you. But if that is how the relationship starts, that is also where it will end.

If you're into just hooking up, then turn off that emotional side of you, because sooner or later your emotions will catch up with you and you'll find yourself depressed and alone.

Catching a quality guy and finding yourself in a long-term loving relationship is what dating is really about.


Make a promise to you that you will take the time to figure out the type of relationship you're really after, despite what you may think off the top of your head... let's get deeper than that.

If you're in a relationship right now, or have just got out of a relationship, how does what is happening in the relationship balance with what you do want out of the relationship?

Is it headed into love and long-term commitment or something else (and that something else is a bad place). Were you casually living in the moment, or were you considering the things you were doing to create a long lasting relationship?

Tough questions but the answers will save you heartache in the future.

You have to set your own limits and stick to them!

If you jump into bed with a guy I can tell you that only one guy in a million will turn that casual, almost accidental physical act into a dating relationship that lasts a long time. The other 999,999 guys will just as quickly jump out of bed and dump you, and you will feel the hurt, no matter how much you tried to convince yourself that it was just sex, it was just casual, it was just physical.

Chapter 8 of "Catch Him & Keep Him" talks about sex and commitment, and this is something you should read right now whether you're in a relationship, just getting out of a relationship or you're single and about to start dating again.

You need to fully understand this "friends with benefits" illusion that catches so many women off-guard and in a dead end relationship that they hoped would go somewhere.

If the behavior does not fit the picture you have of yourself - reject it!

Just because a relationship seems to be 'safe and casual' and you're not really getting close to the guy, there is a part inside that goes on automatic "he is long term" emotional control and that starts the wondering about what you're doing, where you're going, is he "The One" and then you ask him the deadly question "do you have feelings for me?" and he shuts  down, closes up and becomes unavailable for a long time, maybe forever.

Your emotions have to be respected, not just by you but also by the guy you're with.

Until that happens, until you find that guy, you'll be lying to yourself every day.

And I want you to know that there is help, you can get past these crippling relationships that go nowhere.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee



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