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When He Doesn't Want To Get Serious This Is What You Do

When he doesn't want to get serious
  • He's not willing to reveal his true level of commitment
  • He can still pretend he's a "player"
  • Men don't like to think long-term

You're ready to get serious and make a commitment to him but he says he's not ready.

This isn't a rare thing that's happening to you. Most women deal with this because the guy they're dating doesn't understand your view of your being together.

And it doesn't really matter that you're not alone in this, most women have gone through it too.

You can't trick him into changing his attitude and you can't offer an ultimatum because then you're being bossy and controlling.

And you might push him away which is the opposite of what you want to do anyways.

Dating is important so that we can narrow down our choices to find "the one". After all, how many bad dates have you been on and wouldn't you be pleased as punch to be stuck with one of those guys?

That type of long term commitment would be wrong wouldn't it?

And a lot of guys view commitment as something that "could" be a bad thing so they play out their dating life as long as they can.

"Keeping their options open" is what it's usually called but more often then not they aren't sure about what their other options even might be.

You're on the right path when being with you becomes his habit an not his chore and as soon as being with you becomes a chore he'll bolt.

You share regular things you do. Texts and calls in the morning and night. Places you go to that are just for the two of you.

This is a comfortable commitment level for every guy and it usually segue-ways into a long term commitment phase when it's allowed to continue without pressure.

if you feel you need to "have the talk" with him to see where your relationship is going then you're on the path to deciding to either end it now on your own terms or to force him into being with you when he's not ready.

You need to tread carefully and be very aware of how your relationship is progressing without additional pressure from yourself of the opinions of family an friends making decisions for you.

Choose to do something positive for yourself right now and watch this video.

Have a great rest of your relationship, Robert Lee




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