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How To Be His 'Miss Universe', Always

How to get the relationship you want

This article: "Without a doubt there can be a lot of 'give and take' in a relationship. But does giving too much make a relationship better?"


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Starting a dating relationship is a big hurdle for many women and this is true for almost every woman at some point in their lives.

It's not hard to gain a guy's attention if you put your mind into the task.

But it's hard to make him stay, and not stray, if you're uncertain about yourself.

Lack of self-confidence is a ticket for a guy to walk all over you; to deceive and lie to you; to leave you hanging as he tries to make up his mind about you.

You end up giving a lot to keep him but usually end up without him in the end because he played games while you tried to make "the relationship" work.

You've been there or know someone that has... and the reality is that this is a crushing heart-break.

So how do you know when you're trying too hard to keep the relationship going as he slips away no matter what you do?

Here are a few clues when it's time to either give up or pull in the reins on him:

  • after a few dates, maybe four or five, he hasn't introduced you to any of his friends
  • he says he's too busy and "forgets" to contact you
  • he says that he doesn't hang around with his old crew
  • he always arranges for just the two of you to be together and is suddenly "unavailable to you" when his friends call him up and he wants to join them

Giving a guy the power to dictate the terms of your dating relationship is giving him control over the relationship for any foreseeable future!

You also need to be on the watch for these common relationship tests from guys:

  • he always asks you want you want to do, never making the choice of what to do together on a date himself
  • he won't call you for a couple of days then offer no reason and makes you feel bad for having to explain himself
  • he cheaps out on special occasion gifts for you but allows himself to treat his friends like royalty

If you want him to want you, if you want to be that special person in his life, then you need to understand not only what a guy wants, but what a guy wants that he doesn't know what he wants...

You don't have to play his games and hang around like a store dummy waiting for him...

You should never accept excuses that seem phoney, because in your gut you know he's lying to you, you know he's trying to play you.

When you want a guy to treat you special you have to be prepared to accept no substitute in treatment. You have to allow for no bad behavior from him and you have to be prepared to back up your strong position that he needs and deserves to treat you like royalty, like the pageant winner, because he's ultimately going to lose you for any other type of behavior.

And believe me, if he even has a slight amount of feelings for you he's going to go out of his way to make you happy.

There is no other way for a real man to behave about the woman he "really likes" and will eventually figure out that he loves.

Lightning bolts of love do not strike men, love seeps into their emotional psyche small amounts at a time.

And love does reveal itself to a man when the time is right, it's just your job to make him able to figure this out for himself.

A guy can't be forced into love, there is no "shotgun wedding" of an emotional love connection.

Be his "Miss Universe" and he will understand what love is... with you.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee


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