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How To Catch A Guy At Christmas

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This article: Never underestimate the power of meeting friends and family as a test on the worthiness and seriousness of the guy your dating.


Let me say, first off, it’s totally acceptable to give a guy you’re interested in, that you haven’t dated yet, to give him a small gift at Christmas.

Small as in a box of chocolates. With this small gift you’ll include a note that says “I hope we can get to know each other better in the New Year.”

Simple, straightforward and polite. Interesting and even bordering on you asking him out, which builds any guy’s confidence ten-fold. And if he’s interested, he will ask you out.

Secondly, it’s OK to also invite this guy that you have not dated yet, to your family Christmas/Holiday dinner. Invite him as a friend, and let him get some face time with your family. (Note: he should bring a small gift for your parents, a bottle of wine, box of chocolates, some small token of appreciation, nothing extravagant and he should not come empty-handed.)

Sure, you might have to deal with some childish jokes from your big/little brother/sister, but the time spent together will be worth it.

Getting to know a guy, with your family, is a great, although some find it tough, way to open the door to a new relationship.

And if he’s “The One” this is a great time to get the awkward introduction to the parents and family over with fast.

This is all a part of the “Thinking In Time Frames” which is discussed more in the ebook.

The biggest early relationship buster is when a woman can’t figure out f the guy is a serious dater or a player and she makes the mistake of intimacy, and sex, too early. By playing the “Family Test” appropriately, he must decide if he is more serious about you than just a player.

This holiday/meet-the-family test on a guy always has an outcome of dating or not dating afterwards. Always. This test is only for your initial meeting and dating period and it puts a certain amount of pressure on a guy that either he will withstand and face, because you’re worth it, or he’ll reject the invitation and you can safely say he’s either just not interested or he is a player and his only motive with being with you is sex.

Never underestimate the power of meeting friends and family as a test on the worthiness and seriousness of the guy your dating towards you and how he behaves in front of them compared to how he is with you in private always provides an indicator (for the women that look for it) whether he is manipulative and controlling, or sailing on an even keel. If he Catch Him and Keep Him eBook seems to be two different people in these different circumstances head to the hills, without him.

A man that handles himself well, around you in private and is at ease around your family and friends has great potential. Watch for the test results!

And have a wonderful holiday time!

When you’ve caught the guy that’s interested in you it’s time to see whether or not he’s worth keeping.

If you’ve read the book “Catch Him & Keep Him” then you’ll have the tools to tell where your relationship will be headed. If you haven’t read the book, the time is now.
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To your future,
Robert Lee



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