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Is Chemistry Enough?

Chemistry can be the trap that unravels your relationship

  • Chemistry with the one you're dating is good and bad
  • Chemistry can blind you to the bad
  • You can improve your relationship beyond chemistry

Chemistry is what we seek as the first indicator that a relationship could happen.

And that's a great thing to rely on. That initial attraction drives your relationship into all the great possibilities that can happen. Chemistry involves both good and bad parts, what turns you on and what turns you off. If you expect everything to always be perfect once the bloom is off the relationship and you see your dating partner much more fully, you could end up disappointed.

Chemistry, good chemistry, highlights the best interactions you have with someone.

Relying on the memory of when your relationship was great during the bad times can blind you to the fullness of your relationship possibilities and the ways that two people react to each other's imperfections. When you learn to live with the good and allow the bad times to be transformed through your actions and reactions into learning moments about your relationship partner then you're on the road towards a truly solid romance.

You need to trust your relationship to more than chemistry.

When you can get past the need to judge your relationship on the merits of its past and can see towards a stable and reliable connection then you have mastered the art of finding the right person for your life without a major investment of time and energy into spending it all on the wrong man.

Relationships need to stand on their own based on mutual respect and love.

Men tend to not notice the little things but the can react positively to doing things right.

Learn how to tell the good from the bad right now here.

Have a great relationship, Robert Lee




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