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When You Have Life Choices To Make

You're on your life's path.... But by choice?

Have you ever been driving on an old weather-worn road where the lines are barely visible?

You try your best not to cross over and you hope that other drivers see the lines because they are there to keep you safe and secure.

Then the weather gets bad, maybe it starts to rain a little. The lines become hidden, they disappear at times and you try really hard to stay within the boundaries they represent but you’re not sure if you’re straying.

Then a car from the other direction heads towards you, honking their horn, and you realize you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be.

Does this sound like how your dating life has been going so far?

Sure that you know what the boundaries are, where you feel safe and secure in your relationships, then a little bad happens and you’re lost.

No matter the warning signs you’re in the wrong lane headed towards destruction.

Maybe the lines on the road should have been brighter.

Maybe you should have taken a different route.

Life is full of choices and those choices always start the same way, with some advice.

You might know you should do something but do you have the willpower to start and stamina to see it through?

Maybe it’s time to choose to do something now instead of later, or a tomorrow that never comes.

Those lines on the road only get more faded and it becomes habit forming making the same wrong choices.

Choose to do something positive for yourself right now and watch this video.

Have a great rest of your day, Robert Lee




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