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Being Needy And Insecure

This Article: If you want a man, you’ll get a man. But, if you want The One you must improve your own personality and use your life experiences in a positive way to catch him.


The two things that will scare away any man, no matter how good or bad he is, being “Needy and Insecure”.

Once you’ve met, if you want to hold onto him, you’ve got to show yourself as a positive, happy and well-adjusted person. Those are the real attractive qualities in a woman that will attract guys that look beyond physical beauty (not that beauty isn’t important) and allow you a bigger pool of men, with better qualities, to date.

If you’re needy, if you have to hold on, keep track of, and depend on a guy within minutes of meeting him, a big alarm goes off in his head and he’ll turn the other way, walk away and maybe run! If he does hang around he’ll make his grateful exit by introducing you to one of his friends. And, surprisingly enough, you’ll ask this new guy questions about the first guy.

Neediness has no limits if you allow it to exist.

Insecurity is another matter. The need to rely on the opinions and choices of others to allow you to not make choices about your life but to just “let things be” until you’re led into the eventual path of what to do is the real underlying insecurity issue.

If you can’t make a choice of significant value in your life, you’ll forever be settling. You’ll find yourself setting for a lousy job, settling for a so-so guy.

And your insecurity will rule you, overwhelming you to the point of being “lost in life”.

Alternatively, being “Needy and Insecure” can force a guy to hold onto you, despite your innermost thoughts of not wanting him around. The neediness can actually transfer to a guy and he’ll try to “fix” things around you and even try to “fix” you, either by making the decisions that your insecurity will not allow you to make or by just dragging you along in his life.

Being “Needy and Insecure” is what a controlling (sometimes abusive) guy prefers. No challenge of a woman. A woman that “goes along” because she just can force her own personality to be shown as a positive, authoritative person.

And following this path you’ll never be able to see, or feel, that a guy is “relationship ready”.

Can you really expect to find your knight in shining armor, the man that will be the father of your children, “The One”, if you can’t even decide the simplest things for yourself?
Catch Him and Keep Him eBookNo, of course not.

And to find the satisfying path, the real life that you deserve to live and how to date the men you will find that have potential, you have to decide to make some positive changes to your life, personal professional, you inner and outer self. And I have the roadmap for you to begin this journey of positive change, to allow you to make choices, be the woman you should be.

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Thanks for reading, and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee


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