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Romeo, Romeo, Where Are You My Romeo?

This Article: In a world so filled with men why is it so hard to find "Mr. Right"?


“Here I am Juliet!”

“No, It’s me, over here!”

“Hey baby, come here often?”

“So, do you work around here?

And so your dating life goes, weekend after weekend, month after month, finding the imposters that you date, play with for a while, then dump because they really aren’t your Romeo.

You want to date, you want to be a part of a couple, have a relationship that works. Instead you do the work in the relationship. Buy him clothes to look better, pay for meals in restaurants, clean up after him.

And at some point you remember, wasn’t HE supposed to do these things FOR YOU? Just how did you end up being the caretaker of the relationship? This wasn’t what you wanted.
And you end it.

“Juliet, I am here, and I will love you if you let me!

Finding a man to date isn’t hard. Finding the man that you want to keep is hard. Harder still is finding the man that fulfills his part of being in a relationship, being your partner.

part•ner [pahrt-ner]
noun 1. a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor; sharer;

I like this definition of partner, “associated with another” and a “sharer”.

We’ve all heard that relationships are a “give and take” activity. But how do you stop giving and get to take in a relationship?

Just as marriages have vows, so you should have a set of expectations that will prove to you that your man is your Romeo.

You can date ANY man, but finding The Man takes skill, catching the RIGHT man and being able to hold onto him, through relationships ups and downs takes prowess and resourcefulness that is not instinctive, this intelligence is learned.

“Romeo, where are you?

“Juliet, I have been here all along. I’ve just been waiting for you to talk with me, to start sentences without anger but with listening and comprehension at the ready. To talk with me instead of at me, so we could always find equal, common ground in our relationship.

Juliet, as our relationship started you were so in love with me that you did all the little things I should have done for you. And I let you take over the romantic part of our relationship to the point that I had no romance left inside of me.

Juliet, as you did for me I could not do for you. Our relationship became a habit of me doing my own thing and you doing the couple thing for the both of us.

Juliet, Oh Juliet, if only we could have talked more about US, about our expectations of each other in our relationship it could have been saved. But now we have nothing but anger and disappointment towards each other.

I would have listened had I knows these things were so important to you.

I would have acted different if I had thought that these things were not being done as a couple but only to please me.

Juliet, I am lost to you now. You are breaking up with me. And I am moving on with my life. I’ll be fine because I did not put the same effort and expectations into our relationship as you did. But you will be hurt and I will not understand.

Juliet, in your next man look for a man that will wait for you, that will do the things together that couples do, to both have the same freedom and responsibilities in your relationship as part of the plan of being together.
It’s too late to save what we had but it’s not too late for you to learn how to find the man that will be what you expect and to understand within yourself what those expectations are.
Juliet, do not despair, you will find your true Romeo.

“Romeo, where are you?”

“I am here Juliet, but my name is John!”

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee



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