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Making 'The Move' On 'The Man'

This Article: There is a lot to be said about understanding body language and intonation. Instinctively we can all ‘read’ a person through their actions, reactions, tone of voice and movements of their arms, legs, their whole body.


As someone is speaking to you they are not only using their voice but also their complete person and personality to emphasize how they really feel towards you.

Tone of voice is a huge part of the complete body language cycle.

If you’re happy, sad, bored, annoyed, it’s your face, body and tone of voice that speaks a lot more than you do aloud, intended or not.

It’s important to remember that when you are talking to a guy that you are attracted to, that you do not cross your arms, that you do not balance on one foot, slowly shifting left and right. Allow your body to show acceptance, not denial. Allow yourself to stand, or sit, tall, do not hunch, let your eyes wander over his shoulders as this may give him the feeling of control over you.

And you must keep your voice light and airy (not air-headed!). Tone of voice can speak the unspoken words of attraction just as easily as the words of dismissal. If you’re speaking haltingly and sharply, the guy will usually understand that you are bored, that your mind is elsewhere, that he doesn’t really have a chance with you, that you are dismissing him.

When you laugh, the mood around you is lightened, the possibilities for adventure open up to the men that are near you. End your laugh with a harsh cackle and the guys will be heading for the door before the sound of your voice stops echoing off the walls.

If you want to test a man by just using your voice, answer his questions with one or two words only. Talk loud and sharply. Watch his responses, his reaction. Cross your arms and he’ll take an instinctive step back. Speaking with few words and crossing your arms is a signal for the man to get lost. Open up your arms and touch his forearm and you’ll welcome him to get closer to you.

Touch the side of a man’s face softly while you’re talking to him and you open him up for more direct communication and direct attraction signals. Men aren’t great at understanding cues from women, but they do know, usually, when attraction is mutual and when the woman is allowing an intimacy to begin.

The small signals of touching, smiling and laughing, always wake a man up to taking the next step of talking more intimately with you. It’s just important to make sure that you do not allow him to control the next steps. Keep an open body stance but do not follow his lead in movements and tone of voice. Be in control.

Helping a man to experience a positive time with you allows you to lead the conversation, take control of the next few steps of starting a ‘moment’ together.

Take some time throughout your day to ‘couple watch’. It doesn’t matter if you know the people (actually this exercise is better when observing strangers), but it is important to not be noticed watching.

See how they stand facing each other. Make note of the position and use of hands, arms. Sense the emotion that the two people are sharing. If you are close enough, listen to the tempo of their voices, watch for the tone of voice matching the words they are speaking and the emotion they are using.

If you watch many couples you will begin to see a pattern of movement, how the body reacts to the words, tone of voice and intimacy levels that the two people share. You can also watch how groups behave, the dynamics of leaders and followers.

Beware of sarcastic tones, they usually hide a defensive person a man that controls, cuts down and does not play nice with others.

Listen for an uneasy laugh, the sure-fire signal that the man is not in control of himself, that he can be manipulated, usually by other men or strong parental influences. This type is not for you.

Does the sound of the voice reflect how the eyes look? Happy voice, wide-open, sparkling eyes.

It’s easy to think that you understand what is happening when you are talking with a guy, but you’ve got to be open to understanding his body language and how you can communicate your feelings to be not only in sync with him but be able to lead him to where you want to be with him, on an emotional level.

To sum up, listen and watch. Read the tone of voice and compare it to the body language of the man you’re with. If these two things don’t match, then he’s hiding something, he’s Catch Him and Keep Him eBooknot open to sharing, and more often than not, you won’t get him to where you really want to be, which is with someone special.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee

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