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Signs You Are Dating A Loser

This Article: Run for the hills! Stop returning his calls. And get him to sign an agreement of that loan you gave him!


Dating is that wonderful step in our lives where we begin to experience the sharing of love, giving of ourselves emotionally and physically, to someone specialCatch Him and Keep Him eBook.

Relationships are built on trust and communication. The ability to understand that special person in your life is what separates us from the animals. Making the effort to appreciate and compliment who we are partnered with makes life worth living.

But if you’re in a relationship with the wrong guy, you’re in trouble.

You’ll find yourself in an “emotional debt” where the guy doesn’t even understand what’s going on while you’re dating.

He won’t understand the commitment you’ve placed in your being together.
He will reveal himself to be “the loser” you promised yourself that you’d never, ever date again.

If only you knew the signs that you were dating a loser so you wouldn’t put so much time and energy into your relationship just to become disappointed, yet again, in the guy you thought was so great. If you didn’t date the loser you wouldn’t have to break up with him. Right?

So right here and now I will reveal to you the signs that the guy you are dating is a loser:

- Pay attention to what he wears. Describe the last pair of shoes he was wearing: broken sneakers? Unshiny slip-ons? Worn out oxfords? If he doesn’t wear nice shoes, the rest of his wardrobe is usually faded jeans, torn shorts and t-shirts with stains. Sure, he might try to clean up nice but do you really want to be the one to tell him to “dress nicer” or have to take him shopping so he has a sense of style?

- Does he pay attention to personal grooming? Does he look just as great running into you at an odd time as he does when you’re on a planned date? Hair clean? Face shaved? Clothes clean and unrumpled?

- Does he open doors for you? A guy’s first sign of respect is being “the gentleman” around you. Manners aren’t passé, they are warning signs when they are missing.

- Phone calls are abrupt or he calls and has nothing to say. Does he call at odd times as if he’s checking up on you? Does he call you at inappropriate places such as work, and friend’s places?

- His employment record is spotty at best. If he hasn’t had a steady job for the last 12 months, what do you expect of him in the future? Commitment goes beyond relationships into the career arena, where a guy commits to earning a decent living. If he can’t, do you need to support him?

- Is his car held together with baling wire and chewing gum? Is he always complaining that his truck is breaking down? Repair bills to high? Can’t get good auto insurance? Too many tickets to pay off? If he can’t manage a basic such as decent transportation, where do you think you’re going with him?

- What is his living situation? Sponging off mom and dad? More roommates that you can count on your fingers and toes? Prefers sleeping in his car than the streets? If he hasn’t his own place, nicely furnished, consider the fact that he just doesn’t care how he lives. Is that how you wasn’t to set the pace for your future home?

- He doesn’t have any money. Wait, let me qualify that statement, “he doesn’t have any money to spend on you”. Now, I don’t mean that you’re a gold digger, that you’re expecting diamonds or gold on your second date. But does he split the bill with you? Or are you paying for him? Does he buy you any small gifts on a whim? Just because he thought of you? Or does he always have money for himself and none to spare to buy you a proper dinner or even a treat when you’re out together? Does he need a “small loan” just for a few days?

So there you go, the loser you may be dating has been described above.
Run for the hills! Stop returning his calls. And get him to sign an agreement of that loan you gave him!

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee



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