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Is Texting Ruining Your Relationships With Men?

This article: Have you lost the art of conversation with your boyfriend and are now limited to short, meaningless texts?

Texting in a relationship is so common now that it's practically a required conversational art between people.


But are there times when he texts you and you answer him, then he takes a while to text you back and he doesn't answer or talk about what it is you texted him?

Girls, this happens all the time! It's not just your boyfriend that doesn't care about what he messages you, or when.

You see, guys have a great fear of rejection.

The only fear greater than of rejection would be of saying something stupid to you that causes you to start an argument (because it's always your fault, you know ;-)) or to dump him. And snakes, maybe.

By texting you when he feels like it, he maintains a type of control over the relationship: you're able to talk to him when he wants, about what he wants. Anything else he's free to ignore or simply reply back with a totally different conversation.

Guys don't like to talk on the phone, rarely are they able to find a topic that they can carry longer than a few quick sentences. They don't want you to notice how ordinary they are on the phone, that's another reason why men prefer sending you text messages.

Girls, if you want to have an open and honest relationship you have to give up on texting.

You need your man to step up and make a voice call so you can hear how he's doing, not just getting a smiley face in answer to what you ask.

Break him of his texting habit.

You deserve to be treated with respect, both as a woman and as a person. A person with their own thoughts, feelings, goals in life and respect for others.

He disrespects you when your communication is broken down to texting, he's hiding his feelings by replying a long time after your message or by ignoring your messages all together.

The first step is to call him back when he texts you.

Don't text him back. If he says you've called him at a bad time, he can't talk then tell him to text you when he can talk to you. No more, no less.

The second step is to make him ask you things using his voice.

Don't let him plan things with you through text messages. Tell him that if he is going to ask you a question then you want to hear it from him. Hitting your phone number on speed dial is a lot quicker than his spelling out a text for you.

Allow him to text you things like "Be there in 5 minutes" but not "What movie do you want to go see tonight?".

You don't need to control the relationship, your goal here is to keep an open and honest communication available to the both of you at all times and guys need to be trained to do this.

Just like they need to be shown everything else they're supposed to do in a relationship.

Following the advice above will positively impact your relationship, or it was so fragmented already that he decides he "can't afford" the time to talk with you and dumps you.

Either way you'll have the relationship you really want to have, one full of good feelings and positive energy that you both share.

Catch Him and Keep Him eBookNot a smiley face every once in a while.

Stick to your guns girls!

Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee

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