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This article: If your love is not fulfilling, if your relationships turn sour, where did all this bad energy come from?


I am always astonished by the reasons of how couples split up.

Once the relationship has passed the honeymoon stage and is starting to get serious, then each person goes through a ritualistic change to accommodate the other's needs.

This is a fact, this happens to all of us in a relationship.

Well, maybe ritualistic is too strong a word, but it certainly seems to be the pattern that's identifiable for all of us.

And yet it's when this change of accommodation doesn't happen that the relationship ends up on rocky ground.

It often seems that one person not relenting to the other, not making a change that allows equalibrium, that trouble really happens in a relationship.

If you're looking for an easy-to-handle relationship perhaps this is not the best way to go for you, that is, looking to change a guy into your ideal man and a fulfilling relationship with no troubles and no issues.

And yet despite all the examples over all the years women still think they can get the man and make him want to change to become a better man in her eyes too.

This isn't how relationships work, it hasn't been how relationships work, and it won't be how relationships work in the future. And even despite reading this you that may make the same mistakes in the future relationships you have. Finding a great guy but trying to change his imperfections and end up breaking up with him because this change doesn't happen.

Relationships between men and women only last when there's a common understanding of what the relationship is destined to be.

If you're dating a guy, a really great guy, but you find a couple of things that are annoying about him, this is normal. If we aim for perfection all the time and found perfection, life would be quite boring, right? What would we have to strive for? It's the unreachable target that keeps us going.

Relationship perfection is one of these ideals that we strive for. But we must not consider that it's impossible to reach, because then there is no reason for going on with any type of relationship at all. Right?

And I want to offer you hope in finding a perfect relationship.

And I want to offer you that change can happen to perfectly suit you.

And I never want you to stop looking for that great relationship.

But I do want you to consider the relationship you have, or will have, and be happy with his leaving dirty socks on the floor for a day or two.

It's only in the imperfections of people that can we find the perfection within. Strange concept right?

So as you continue your dating experiences, when you start narrowing down the type of man you want to spend more time with, I want you to consider the following:

If you catch him, and you want to keep him, is it responsible for you to try to change him as well?

Men change their character types like a stone resists the wind. Erosion happens and you wear the man down, you do not change his inner composition. You may end up with less of a man, but he'll still be the same man, indeed, the same stone.

So I want you to consider, as you go to your dating life, how happy you'll really be with a man under your control. Under your total control. Is this appealing or scary?

I hope it scares you.

Nobody likes to date puppets never mind share a lifetime with them. Not real women, anyways. Consideration and love does not come from control. Expectation maybe, but not control.

I want you to hold your relationships up to a new light, a light that reveals the imperfections of each other, and ourselves, just as light reveals imperfections in a diamond.

Only as you come to appreciate the imperfections in the guy you're with will you have an understanding of what it is to be a man that loves you despite even your own imperfections.

If you really want to keep the man you have, to catch him knowing full well that you can't change him, that only he can change for you, that this change may not be possible, but your love is forgiving, then you do have a chance for true happiness within your relationships.

And it's this that I wish for you.

Your friend,

Robert Lee

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