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This Funny Thing Called Love


How do we know when we’ve found love?

What does the moment that love reveals itself to us feel like, in the moment?

For a long time after we find ourselves in love we’ll have the “warm and fuzzies”, the feeling of love that makes everything else in the world seem possible.

But if we can identify that moment when we go from “not in love” to ‘in love”, could we call that moment up and make ourselves realize when it’s happening to us?

Scientists tell us there are chemical reactions and neurotransmitters involved but that is the body reacting to events. Not unlike crumpling into a heap after a gunshot but with much preferable results.

I like to think that love is stealthy, sneaking up on us and taking us by surprise.

But I also like to think that I can affect love in someone I am interested in, understanding her movements and touches so I can know when she slips over the brink and find herself in love with me, so I can then act appropriately.

Certainly many of us would prefer this same “roadmap” to understanding the ways to making someone love us rather than having all of this being a complete surprise that “just happens” or does not happen if this is our goal.

Having a roadmap to making someone love us would simply be awesome.

And there are plenty of books and articles that can lead us in the direction but they cannot always understand the particulars of any “pairing up” of personalities and people that can allow love to happen.

Is it “opposites attract” or should your love be of a ‘compatible personality”?

Do tall people only marry tall people? Does money matter when love is involved?

I like to believe that true love knows no boundaries, that love can happen over years as well as in an instant.

I believe that while we can experience love, in all its glory and joy as well as in its heartbreak, that we can never fully understand love in the ”human condition” in which we exist.

Dating is the precursor to love but not always the solution. The problem is not how to find love but to know when it’s happening to us, again, in the moment before the moment that love happens.

I hope that I haven’t totally confused you with my viewpoint on how love finds us as well as how we find love.

To be honest even writing this out seems to offer yet more questions than answers.

I am certain, however, that we are capable of love which means that love does exist and that, even with our limited experience in the cosmos, we can find ourselves in love at a surprising time and to an inner depth that we cannot comprehend until we are there.

I wish you well on your journey to finding the true love in your life.

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