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You’ve Got To Hold On To What You Got. Not!

This Article: Your "emotional life" is full of values that are easily corrupted by having the wrong man in your life.


It’s been sung “You’ve got to hold on to what you got” but relationships don’t work that way, do they?

Relationships take work and when it’s you doing all the working, they crash and burn. Breakup is inevitable.
And happens.

If only you could see the events that lead to breakup and take steps to avoid what could be the end of an otherwise happy, healthy relationship.

But you can!

By learning from your past dating mistakes you can find your “emotional fitness” that will bring stability to your personal life and allow you the “real” freedom to choose who and how your next relationship will work.

Do you really want to play games with guys (and yourself) that leads to an unfulfilling experience? Of course not.

Once you become in charge of your emotional life then you also have the balance in your life that allows you to choose the men in your life that really are catches.

The game playing is over.

So, what is important to you?
Make a list of what your “Best Catch” of a man would have.
Dark brown hair?
Start your list and keep it with you. Add anything you like to the list, even if it may seem weird, because if it’s a trait in a man that is important to you, then it’s IMPORTANT.

Continue your list for a week or so. Keep it with you and add to it as things come to you.
Red Ford pickup truck?
2 inches taller than you?
Likes sad movies?

Write it all down.

Then, if you feel you’re done picking the things you’d want in your perfect man, put your list away for a week. Hide it under your pyjamas, under your stack of CDs. Somewhere safe but not easily forgotten.

When another week is over pull out your list. Read it over. Several times.
Now start crossing the things off the list that really aren’t so important.
Maybe your “Best Catch” could have red hair. Is hair color really that important?

The type of car?

This is where you really find your true desires in a man that you would hold onto. Keep the list with you again for a while. Look at it in spare moments and cross off what really isn’t all that important to you.

Whatever remains on your list are the values that will make all the difference in your emotional life. Your freedom in dating the perfect man comes from being able to come to terms with your real needs, what you’re willing to sacrifice for your man, what you’ve crossed off your list.

A sacrifice is only a sacrifice if it is something that is willingly given up for another. If you are sacrificing your time to clean up after your man, and this isn’t acknowledged by him, then your efforts aren’t a sacrifice at all. It’s work. The cleaning up becomes a task, not a loving gesture.
The balance in your life becomes uneven.

Regain your balance now. Start with the list creation as I’ve talked about above. And move on with reading the ebook “Catch Him and Keep Him”, written by Christian Carter, a great tool that will help you into better choices, emotional maturity, and how to take responsibility for what happens in your life and relationships.

Raise yourself up! Stop keeping the better things in life from entering YOUR life.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend, Robert Lee


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