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How Do You Know When A Guy Only Wants One Thing?

This Article: In a world so filled with men that expect sex, how can you find a real man that understands the importance of sex in a relationship?

I was recently asked how can a girl tell when a guy only wants one thing (sex)?

This is a rather complicated question but I can give you two answers, the quick one and the long one.


The Quick Answer

- Stop giving him the "one thing" and see if you still get emails, texts and phone calls from him.

The Long Answer

Guys between the ages of 14 and 65 are over-exposed to sex, sexual themes, sexual lyrics, even sexualized personal hygiene products. You must have asked yourself at some point why beautiful women are needed to sell beer and shaving razors, right?

Sex not only sells, sex sets the standard that guys measure themselves against other guys.

Guys are never "sluts" they're the much friendlier "players".

Guys don't have to take responsibilities for their sexual demands because "everyone is doing it" so why shouldn't you just have sex with him?

I'm sure that you'll feel pressured to have sex with a guy. And I'm also certain that you'll think having sex with a guy will make him, eventually, your boyfriend, even if now you're just "hooking up" and are "friends with benefits".

I should ask that if your friend jump off a bridge would you jump as well... but I won't, because at some point you will jump off of the bridge and you will be hoping that the guy will be on the other side to catch you, and make your romantic dream come true, he'll become your boyfriend.

Nice dream. Bad decision.

The reality is that if the guy needs you to give him sex on the condition of being your boyfriend, what more is he going to ask of you if he does follow through with his promise?

And does your version of dating match up to his? Or will having sex be the limit of his contribution to this "relationship"?

I'm not going to go into the whole pregnancy/STD thing with you, I'm sure you've added this into your decision to go to bed with him as well.

But there are things you need to know upfront and with very, extremely small exceptions, this is what happens when you have sex with a guy:

- He calls you to "hang out" and after you've had sex he leaves to go and "hang out" more with his friends.

- When you get together if you want to do something other than sex he gets bored very quickly and either starts to complain about you, or he tries to pressure you into sex.

- He doesn't call you when expected (you're not worth the effort) and when you call him he either blows you off or he doesn't show up and makes you wait somewhere to meet him (then he forgot, a friend needed help, etc.). Or he meets you for sex, no sex and he doesn't stay.

Those are some of the consequences for having sex or keeping having sex as a possibility to start dating. Still a bad move.

If you think the guy only wants to have sex with you, you have three things you can say to him: Yes; No; I'm saving myself for a committed relationship.

The response you get from the guy will tell you if he wants to date you, or just your vagina.

If you want to know if he just wants sex, don't give sex to him. Offer any excuse you like and see if he's still around in a couple of days or if he's found someone that will "put out sex" for him.

It's OK to feel sad if that happens, obviously you liked the guy enough that you wanted to date him. But keep an eye on the girl he's hooking up with now, in a few weeks she's going to be a mess. A real wreck. And that could have been you.

When you're smart enough to ask the question then you've also got to be intelligent to know that the answers will lead you to.

Don't start doing something that will end in heart-break. Look out for yourself and if you ever feel pressured to do something you don't want to do, run. 

I hope this has helped a little, feel free to email me if you have any questions:

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee


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