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When Did Sex Become Part of the "Un-Relationship But Dating" Scene?

Does your partner and having sex run your relationship?!

This article: It is time to evaluate your relationship and decide if it's on the road to happiness or the road to ruin and breakup.


I would really like to know when sex became not a part of the relationship and what I mean by this is, you don't have to serious committed relationship, but there is sex.

I know we all had these excited moments where it just feels right, and it just happens. But who actually has control of these excited moments?

Is that you? Is it the guy? Who's in control here anyways?

It's hard managing your relationship from moment to moment, it's easy to be swept along with what everyone else is doing in relationships and where we think they're doing.

But if he can be honest with yourself about what you really do want in a relationship you come up with a ruler that you can measure it against the guy your dating. And you have to honestly ask yourself if he measures up to your expectations of the boyfriend, or a future husband.

Happy people are patient, they aren't in a rush to accomplish something they're not completely satisfied with. If you're not completely satisfied with the relationship you're in. Is it possible you've just taken a sexual component of it too far. And now you don't have the satisfaction you thought you would get from it.

Now, I'm not asking you to stop what you're doing, no matter what you're doing. But I do want to give you time to think about what you're doing to put it into perspective of what your long-term goals are with your current relationship. Or maybe even future relationship if you're not dating right now.

If you aren't realistic about your relationship and how soon it should progress from one stage to the next you're in a relationship nightmare. That's going to explode sooner rather than later.

Expectations drive relationships. While it's easy to be overflowing with hope, and being in seventh heaven and on the honeymoon in the first stages of any relationship you're in there comes a point where you have to decide am I doing the right thing.

When sex is involved in a relationship, it often overtakes the relationship and becomes the main component of the relationship, the date ender so to speak.

While there is no one-size-fits-all to dating. You have to use your intuition and watch his behavior so you can understand what his expectations are in a relationship versus what your expectations are. If you are feeling stressed in your relationship you have to go and find the root cause of it.

Is either of you overly obsessive?

Were there arguments where you ended up taking the blame and making the apologies even though you feel you were correct?

Do your moods flirt from happy to unhappy when you're around him? And yet when you're not around and you seem to be happier?

Do you feel pressure to always do the correct things, and what is correct is by his judgment and not yours?

These questions are reminders of the stress that can be caused in any relationship when things aren't perfectly even between the partners.

If you can identify yourself or your relationship through any of the above questions. You'll need help to continue the relationship onto a smooth path instead of the rocky road of trouble.

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These questions and more are explored in detail.

With understanding and compassion and a brute force "in your face, why are you letting this happen" attitude Christian brings an understanding of your reality in your relationship and how positive change can be made. I encourage you to download the e-book now and start on an effective plan to have great relationships in your future.

Happy dating,
Robert Lee.

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