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Why Men Are Losers and Women Still Love Them

This Article: Now, first off, I am going to qualify this article by saying that I am a guy.


And I'm not a loser. I've been happily married for 8 years and all plans will allow my marriage to last to the end. I attracted, seduced and married my dream woman. And from what I have learned, used and read I can honestly tell you I have no idea why the girl I loved and lusted after so much actually did, after I am did, marry me.

Catch Him and Keep Him eBookLife is strange.

The point that I am trying to make is that guys will take all kinds of courses, read books, cruise "Pick-Up Artist" (PUA) forums for help to meet, attract and date women when most of what happens between men and women is instinct instead of training.

I will admit that the materials I have read over many years have been great with the little tips men need to know about: things to say, how to dress and how to behave as a man, not a child.

Thus we have the basis for men being losers: they really aren't comfortable in situations that take them beyond the instinctive hunter/gatherer profile of early man. A man that can "bring home the bacon" expects adoration and companionship simply because of what he has accomplished and for no other reason.

The hungry man hunts and gathers to provide sustenance for himself and to add to his own selfish comfort he will share a portion of what he has with woman. That sharing is not instinctive but more accurately an act of self-survival and self-preservation. He is a loser that does not fully appreciate the role women have in the world, he does not know how to relate to women in anything but a basic "instinctive" logical level.

Emotions are not a hunter's friend so they are muted in man. You cannot hunt deer if you love bambi. And the same goes for his emotional state with women. You cannot emotionally act if at the same time you are competing with available food and shelter and other material goods with women.
With men, when it comes down to logic versus emotion, logic wins out every time.

Let's say this another way:

Man has stuff.

Woman receives stuff from man.

Woman responds with emotional love and comfort which man learns to equate with the ability to provide. Man does not understand love as a freely given action.

Because man cannot make this emotional "love" connection he continues to use his ability to provide as his method of returning love and affection to woman.

To sum the last few paragraphs up, because man cannot love freely without the ability to provide being a focal point of his emotional person, he is a loser that does not understand love as its own reward.

Woman can give love and return love. When man is loved he responds by logically providing sustenance and shelter instead of offering emotional love as a gift of its own.

Man is a loser that every woman, generally speaking, needs to train in the art of freely given love. I'm not talking about the physical love but the emotional state of love. Man learns from woman that love does not have a connection to material things. Love is not a sacrifice of goods and labor for another.

Women love men, the losers, because they are emotionally aware and earnest in their efforts to understand man's lack of emotional freedom and to actually allow him to discover his emotional love through the woman's sacrifice of her own self-sufficiency.

Just as one man cannot do everything that another man can do, women cannot do everything a man can do, this is evolutionary and historical fact but it has no reality in the limitation of a woman's self-awareness and ability to provide for herself.

Woman's emotional drive may seem to a man to be a crutch that limits a woman's abilities but this would be incorrect thinking.

Again, another reason why men are losers: in similar circumstances they anticipate a woman's reactions to be equal to a man's reactions which drives a wedge into the gap of understanding between the sexes.

Men, by their use of logic, do not understand women. They are losers.

Women understand, through their emotional intelligence, that man is corrupted by logic, and also that men can be taught to elevate their emotional plateau to the surface of their identity and in this way make the all important connection to woman.
Catch Him and Keep Him eBook
Women love men because men can be redeemed through love.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee

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