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Why Is Your Boyfriend A Jerk With You?


Does your boyfriend treat you differently than he treats his friends, family, even strangers on the street? Do you want to change that?

Do you know that this behavior only gets worse as your relationship continues?

And that it’s often the reason for breakups – even if the other aspects of dating him are great?

Do you know that you can (gently) change his behavior, and casual attitude) towards you and enhance the love and equality between you?

Watch out for these signs:
- He doesn’t show up when he says he will
- Doesn’t call or text you to let you know he’s changed his plans
- Doesn’t introduce you to his friends
- Keeps his friends and you apart
- Offers lame excuses for his absences or failure to contact you
- Talks down to you in front of his family and friends
- Talks about your perceived shortcomings openly to others

And what’s worse is that he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong, he just brushes off your feelings and refuses to change the way he treats you around others.

But when you’re alone together he’s all “lovey-dovey” and acts totally different.

So different in fact, none of your friends can figure out why you’re with him. They keep telling you that you deserve better.

You know you can change him, to get him to better understand you… you just don’t approach this subject in a way that he’ll listen.

And you don’t want this to be the reason that you break up.

This is what you need to start doing:
- When he talks down about you in front of others, confront him on the spot with “Why would you say that about me?” Don’t start an argument, you’ve made your point. If he apologizes great, if not then the time for further discussion is when you’re alone, later.
- When he keeps you from his friends you need to host a party with only his friends invited, so you can meet them with him around, in a place of your choosing. Keep it small, keep it calm and see how things go. No matter what, this party is not the time to speak badly of his friends: they’re getting to know you and you them.
- When he makes jokes at your expense or talks of your perceived shortcomings: you need to come out strongly and say “That’s not right, I’ve … (fill in the blanks)…” and prove him wrong on the spot.

You can save your relationship from breakup by slowly and calmly changing his behavior with others about you.

Find out more tips to save what you have, and to even start with a guy that won’t treat you this way, here.

Thanks for reading and I wish you the relationship you deserve.
Your Friend,
Robert Lee

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