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Cocky Comedy - Attracting Women Using HumorAre you 17 years old, and we've never had a girlfriend?

Is the only girlfriend you know someone else's girlfriend?

Maybe you're 18 or 19 years old, even 25, and all your friends are dating but you just don't seem able to get a girl interested in you?

Do you think girls see you as a ghost?

Do you try everything to be a girl's friend in the hope that you can become her boyfriend?

If any of the above questions apply to you. It's time you learned the truth of the dating.


The truth is: girls don't date with wussies.

It's easy enough to bitch and moan about how your life is and why everyone else has so much more luck with the girls.

It's easy enough to just think that you're capable of not getting a girlfriend because everyone else is picking on you, or they are treating you like crap.

And maybe even you blame yourself to some degree, and you get down on yourself.

Can you see how all these things are beating you into a hole, a deep hole that's really tough to get out of?

Of course you do.

You're there, and it's a tough place, I understand.

I've been there and it's tough to work yourself out of that hole and realize that you can get a girlfriend.

But you can. I promise you.

If you feel that you're a ghost around women, you need an attitude adjustment.

If you have lots of "girl friends" but can't get any "girlfriends" then it's time for an attitude adjustment.

The major thing that separates guys with girlfriends from guys that don't have any girlfriends is the fact that the guys with the girlfriends are doing things that the girls like even if it seems to you that they don't.

I guess you in on a little secret:

Cool guys get the girls.

And being cool is relative to who is cool around you.

Sure, you can look at movie stars and they are cool. You can compare rap singers and they are cool. This is job related coolness, and it comes and goes according to your work.

Same goes for music stars, musicians, singers, drummers, etc.

But cool is also attitude.

Hell, even the guy flipping burgers can be cool if he has the right attitude.

So the definition of coolness am going to give you is this:

It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

And coolness does rub off, there's a sphere of influence of cool, in that if you hang out with cool people you become cool just by being there.

But it still requires an attitude adjustment on your part, don't think it doesn't.

If you walk around with a dark cloud hanging over your head you'll only attract other dark cloud people. And these aren't the cool ones, unless you're in some sort of "woe is me, life sucks, and I'll show everyone life sucks" type group. No coolness there.

But if you can change how you approach things, even the small things that would otherwise normally turn you into that dark cloud, then you're on the cusp of being cool. Because as your attitude changes so does your attitude's influence change in the people around you, and that includes the girls.

I'm sure you've noticed how girls laugh and what they laugh at. I'm sure you've noticed the guys that have the girlfriends. I'm sure you've noticed what the guys do and how they treat the girls.

It's not all romance of flowers and first date gifts. It's being the guy that can make a girl laugh.

Although the romantic gestures are often spoken of a man's way to a woman's heart the truth is it's laughter. If you can make her laugh, generally speaking, you can make her attracted to you.

This is how being "Cocky and Funny program" came about. Guys had great success with the" Double Your Dating e-book" but wanted more. So guys that wrote in to the free newsletter said that they wanted more in-depth information beyond the "Double Your Dating e-book" and what came out of that is this:

The Cocky Comedy Program.

This is a program for the guys that have an inner desire that wants to attract women. But they're unsure of the first steps to take. "Cocky comedy" is all about how to make women laugh, how to approach and talk to women, and not end up in the "friend trap".

Just as women react positively to a funny guy they react positively to a guy that has sexual interest in them.

But you'll always fail if you try to be a good friend first and a sexual partner later. Always.

As you're approaching women, as your first meeting them, you're being tested and judged "Is this guy worthy of me?" And this test lasted 3 seconds at the most.

Not much time to make an impression is it? So you've got to be on your game quickly and assertively.

And this is what you learn in the Cocky Comedy program.

I could go on and on about how this is going to affect your success with women in extremely positive way. But I want you to see it for yourself.

Take the next step and click here. Enter in your name and e-mail address. See for yourself.

If you really truly want to have a girlfriend before your 25 admit to yourself that you have to be the one that changes not the world around you. Your life isn't a movie script hasn't been written yet, and the Cocky Comedy Program, which is available to you right now is a good head start on writing the script of your life by having the control over what happens in your life.

You can do this, you can start now. Click here.

Now, I'm not talking about a full head to toe makeover. I'm talking about the secret of "personality triggered attraction" and how this will change your life, because now you will have the secret to attracting women or least one of the secrets. This isn't a magic pill. This isn't a single article that you will repeat over and over like some stunted pickup line.

This is the real deal. The Cocky Comedy program. Get started now. Click here.

Watch the video clips here:

Preview the Cocky Comedy program here, watch more great videos and get a head start on meeting women now.

I'm Robert Lee and I wish you greater success with women.

Thanks for reading.




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