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Communicating: Text Game Mastery

Texting To Set Up Dates

The Basics - Text Game Mastery

I had NO idea how smart people have gotten about every little way possible to get better results with women. For example... text messages are only used to set up dates, right?

Or so I thought.

My buddy Race de Preist just shot me an email with a report he put together called "Text Game Mastery". It's awesome - he wrote up how he's using text messaging to accomplish two major goals:

- build rapport and attraction enough to make the first date feel like the third (which makes it a lot easier to get intimate a lot more quickly)

- manage multiple relationships over text message.

It's not gonna cost you a dime, and it's something you basically have to read... Race has put together such a complete system on using texting to completely eradicate flaking, and way more than that - to stand out from every other guy sending her texts, get her excited about seeing you, and get her over to your place (and sometimes even skipping the date :)

You'll want to look at this ASAP, so get over there to download the report available here for a short time.

The Truth

Texting has over-taken email as the communication tool of choice. While this may seem natural you have to understand how this changes the dynamics of communicating with women.

With email you had, at least, an understanding that emotion was not immediately understood in the words, so you added emoticons to help her understand the real meaning behind the words you used in your email.

Now you have a whole new subset of meanings, emoticons, and usages of the words and chat shortcuts in your messages.

B4 U TXT HER is the latest and greatest of lessons learned by guys "in the field" and it's available for you, right now.

This program will not be around for long, we all know that technology changes to fast. But this is the ground floor of creating your persona to communicate with women using texting to get dates and move relationships quickly forward without the need of several face-to-face dates.

As you go through B4 U TXT HER you'll find shortcuts in displaying your sexual interest in women that will amaze you the freedom she will express to you.

If you want to get her hot, this is how you use texting to move her sexual urges to the front of communication.

You're going to think of texting in a whole new light now, my friend!

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Robert Lee




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