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How To Break The Ice

Ice Breakers... start a nice conversation

Wall flowerScenario:

You're at the bar, waiting to order your beverage, and a nice looking women (or man) ends up standing beside you, also to order a drink (or maybe she's into you, she just doesn't know any good opening lines!) and there you are.

So, you turn to her and say "Come here often?" - she laughs, thinks you're a dink with such a bad line and walks away... and you loose your self-respect faster than the stock market plunge of 2008.

So, now we understand what NOT to say... those old clunker lines have a time and a place, sadly this isn't it. Wait for your time to come at a jazz club.

So, you turn to her (or him) and you DO SAY something like this:

  • Do you know what's good here?
  • Could this place het any louder?
  • Could this place be any busier?
  • Hi, my name is... and I'd like to let you buy me a drink

The key here is to make eye contact and a little smile, so you're friendly, don't be drunk, watch for her positive body language (she leans in towards you when you talk, her arms are at her sides not crossed across her chest, she smiles and looks at you, not away at another guy or the bartender like she's in a hurry) and for goodness sakes, stand up straight.

If you're sitting at the bar and she come close to you, give up your seat while she waits her turn and orders, say to her "I've put the dollar in the parking meter for you"... and let her accept the seat, for a few minutes... follow up with "Can I hold this spot for you later?"

Being a positive, friendly source of personality is what you strive for here.

Practice by saying "I am a great guy (girl)" and believe it... this will give your subconscious a boost and you'll more easily be accepted when you're in a positive mood about yourself.

More lines to get a conversation started when at a bar (remember, friendly means you expect a response to what you say, no matter what you say):

  • This place really has changed since it was in the movie (title of your choice)
  • Did you know the ceiling is actually painted over beer caps?
  • I've been coming here since I was 12 and I still can't get served very fast!
  • Do you want to share a plate of (appetizer of your choice)
  • Didn't I see you hustling pool a couple of minutes ago?
  • Your friend is cute, do you think she'd introduce me to you?
  • Did you know I used to be a professional wrestler (name and best known move/hold of your choice)

Keep in mind, if she (or he) doesn't have immediate attraction or interest in you it really doesn't matter too much what you say, you'll strike out 90% of the time.... but keep trying because that other 10% is great!



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