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Fun Questions To Ask

Fun conversations start with fun questions!

People love to laugh, everybody knows that... but what are fun questions to ask someone and start a great conversation?

Wall flowerNow that was a great question... and it's one that has several answers too!

First off, I have to tell you, don't make fun of someone, even if they aren't present. You never know who is listening ad who will repeat what to whom... so no gossip unless it's about musicians and movie starts!

Now that we have that little bit of advice out of the way, let's talk about some fun and thoughtful questions!

  • Does gravity pull us down or push us down?
  • I've just has a deja vu moment... I've just ad a deja vu moment, did you?
  • Would you sing your favorite song to me?
  • What type of animal would you like to be?
  • What was your greatest adventure?
  • What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
  • Have you ever made a YouTube video?
  • Have you ever mistakenly taken someone else's lunch at work?
  • What has been your best memory (after meeting me, of course!)
  • Do you take after your mother or father?
  • How soon is now?
  • What is the weirdest weather you've been in?
  • Have you ever won anything?
  • What has been your best dream?
  • What is your favorite car?
  • Which famous historical person would you like to meet, and what would you ask them?
  • Have you ever been a streaker?
  • What has been your most successful moment?
  • What is your favorite television show?
  • Would you want to live on the moon?
  • Where is your favorite vacation destination?
  • What place have you always wanted to visit?
  • Which person has most influenced your life?
  • What do you do to have the most fun? Where do you do it?
  • What has been your biggest surprise in life?
  • Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on "The Price is Right"? What would you wear?
  • Now what?
  • If you ever had a street named after you, where would it be?
  • Have you ever needed to give someone a "full explanation"?
  • Which food makes you hyper?
  • Did you ever lie to a parent about where you were?
  • How long should a product be called "new"? (The law says 6 months)
  • Have you ever guessed wrong in a game of "Clue"?
  • What did you have for breakfast three days ago?
  • What is the strangest job you ever had?
  • Who was your strangest neighbor?
  • If you had to put a "hit" on a cartoon character who would it be? Why?
  • Do you believe in magic?
  • What is your favorite pizza topping?
  • Who is your favorite sports figure?
  • If your job was in crime prevention what would it be? Why?
  • What does your island paradise look like?
  • Who had the biggest fingers of someone you've ever met?
  • What is your favorite meal?
  • What was your first job?



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