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How To Seduce Her With Words

Tips On Seducing Women

When you're with a woman, and you're having good conversation and your into her and her body language is telling you that she's into you. The next step is to be able to seduce her with the words you use.

Wall flowerWhile this might seem quite difficult you have to remember that conversation is 90% body language and 10% words you say.

So lean in and talk a little bit quieter to her maker lean in towards you. It's that type of closeness of her body language that you want to know that you're on the right road to seducing her.

And it also is important of the words to say. If you're leaning in close to her whispering in her ear all the things that went wrong at work today for you, you've blown your chances.

So as your continuing a conversation with her, nice and close, make sure that you ask open ended questions, after you've answered whatever she has asked you.

Make a small joke is something and look for her response of a small after or small touching her arm or shoulder. That means things are going well. This is positive body language, and this is what your words are aimed to get from her.

Without positive body language response from her, you will not be able to seduce her, no matter how into the conversation she is.

So while there are no and dried lines, you can use on her, you have to be very responsive to her actions and words.

Staying on the subjects of safe topics, away from work, school, family issues, etc. is where you should be steering the conversation.

Compliments are definitely a way to go but don't overdo it. More than one or two compliments and she knows that you're trying a play her. You can comment on her hair or nails her shoes a piece of jewelry, but only one or two of those things.

Ask her where she had her hair done and who did it. And what type of relationship she has with her hairstylist, is it casual, business or personal.

If you ask about her nails or her shoes, ask for she gets them done or where she buys them. And why she chooses those particular places.

You must show interest. Your body language must be positive to keep that in mind at all times.

For some additional resources on seducing women through conversation and the words to use check out these resources:



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