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Easily Make Women Laugh Everytime

Easily Make Women Laugh Every time

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

Hey Man,

Did you know that when most women are asked what the MOST important thing they look for in a man is, most of the time they will say this:

"I want a guy with a sense of humor."

Now, perhaps this is nothing new, but have you ever thought about what they really mean?

After all, what does it mean to have a sense of humor anyway?

Does it mean you have to be a comedian?

Do you have to act "crazy" like Jim Carrey?

Do you have to tell jokes like Jerry Seinfeld?

Or do you have to be able to do impressions of other people like Peter Sellers?

Well, the honest truth is this:

Even though these things can be funny and entertaining, this is NOT what women mean when they say they want a guy with a sense of humor.

In fact, aside from doing impressions occasionally and in a certain way, acting "crazy" in most of the ways these comedians act onstage would actually turn a woman off...


So just what do women REALLY mean when they say they want a guy with a sense of humor?

And how can you develop it?

I'm about to explain the specific kind of sense of humor women look for in a guy and EXACTLY how you can develop it starting right now — even if you don't consider yourself a "funny guy".

So let's start with this...

Do you consider James Bond a “Funny Guy”?

I'm willing to bet that your immediate response is probably a definite "NO".

In fact, doesn't he generally tend to come off as "serious"?

You know, he generally keeps a straight face, maintains his poise, and rarely even smiles.

After all, he's a "professional", right?

But here's the catch:

Not only does he have a GREAT sense of humor, he actually has the EXACT kind of sense of humor that women are talking about!

But if he doesn't have women laughing hysterically, how can that be?

Here's the secret:

It's not his intention to "get a laugh".

Yet don't most of us men associate having a sense of humor with being able to get women to laugh?

But that's not what a sense of humor is about.

Having a sense of humor has to do with "asserting your reality" and speaking "between the lines" by using a different perspective that unexpectedly "surprises" women and causes them to temporarily "draw a blank".

And laughter is the natural way to fill in that blank.

So here's what you need to know before you can apply the techniques I'm about to reveal to you...

Humility And Honestly:
The Keys To A Sense Of Humor Women Love

To fully understand why women love a man with the specific kind of sense of humor you're about to learn, it can help to know what women hate most in guys and the reason for it.

In fact, I bet you probably already know what the standard replies usually are...


But haven't you seen women go for guys who would seem to "fit the bill"? Perhaps even the same women who have given these answers?

I mean, aren't jocks and jerks generally "cocky"? Yet women are usually immediately attracted to these types of guys, right?


Here's they key:

Most of us guys tend to have a different idea of what it means to be "arrogant" than women do. See, where some guys see "cocky", women tend to see "shameless" confidence.

There's a difference, though it can be subtle.

And that difference is this:

Guys who are arrogant feel that they HAVE TO be right or they HAVE TO be "the best".

And if they feel like they're being challenged, they get insecure, defensive, and start arguing...

They give women excuses, which they honestly believe are valid, logical reasons, what I would call "unintentional" dishonesty.

And though they may have themselves convinced, the women will see though it.

So essentially taking yourself "too seriously" by always having to rationalize things is the opposite of having a sense of humor.

Now, isn't it possible to be "overly confident", even verging on what some would call arrogance, yet still NOT have to be right or NOT have to be the best?

You bet it is!

And that's the "sweet spot".

See, women love humility yet it seems most men think that being humble means that you have to be a "spineless weakling".

But nothing is further from the truth and these "humor techniques" will show you exactly why for the simple reason that they transform situations where most guys get into arguments with women into "humorous" situations that has them laughing instead.

So a sense of humor really has to do with how you handle yourself when women test you.

The real secret is to give women "smart-ass" replies whenever they challenge you or tries to control you in any way.

And the reason women love it so much is because it demonstrates to them that because whatever manipulative behavior they throw your way won't cause you to resent them or hold a "silent" grudge, they can actually trust you completely.

So here's how...

The Sarcastic Response

Giving women a sarcastic response is a great way to handle those "dumb" questions women throw at you. And by "dumb", I mean those silly questions that women don't really want an answer to...

Because they're usually designed to disapprove of you to test how you'll react.

In fact, if you give a woman a direct answer by giving her "logical" excuses and justifications (what most men would consider the rational "reasons"), she'll just look at you as arrogant.

Here's a few examples...

Example #1:

"Why do you always order the same thing?"

"'Because I only have five words in my vocabulary."


"Don't question my decisions that are no concern of yours."

Example #2:

"What do you want my phone number for?"

"Probably because I don't want to call you."


"Don't ask me stupid questions that you already know the answer to."

Example #3:

"Why don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Because every woman I've met so far has been too fat."


"Don't stick your nose in my business, where it doesn't belong."

The Off-The-Wall Response

Replying to a woman using an off-the-wall response is a great way to handle the majority of women's "controlling" behavior and drama.

This also works well when women try to stick their nose in your business by meddling in your personal affairs.

Here's a few examples...

Example #1:

"Why does it always rain on my day off?"

"Probably because the sun's scared of you."


"I'm not interested in listening to complaints I have no power over."

Example #2:

"So what do you do for a living?"

"Wrestle midgets."


"No, I'm not interested in being your sugar-daddy."

Example #3:

"Why don't you hold my purse for me while I go to the lady's room."

"I would but I'm a quadriplegic."


"Don't try to turn me into one of your little servants."

The Shamelessly Sexual Response

Being completely honest and sometimes "too" overt about your sexuality and sex drive whenever a woman tries to play your "match-maker" or "love-advisor" is often the very best way to short-circuit her attempts to make herself seem "superior" to you.

It's also effective in neutralizing women's frustrations and misconceptions about men.

Here's some examples...

Example #1:

"All men want is sex!"

"Yeah, but we also like blowjobs too."


"Don't bring me your issues with men or your hang-ups with your own sexuality."

Example #2:

"What you need is a good woman."

"What I need is a woman with a nice rack and a great ass."


"Don't tell me how to live my own life."

Example #3:

"Why aren't you married?"

"I haven't found the right stripper yet."


"Don't assume to tell me that I should live my life according the social "norms"?"

Am I Serious?


Sure, at first some of these responses may seem to come off as extremely arrogant and maybe even inappropriate.

But guess what?

If you look deeper, the reason you say them is because you refuse to take the "argument bait" women seem to continually throw at us men, which actually demonstrates that you don't have to be "right" and you don't have to be "the best".

In fact, if you read over the above examples and think about how most men would respond, you'll probably notice they'd either become guilty and irritable or they'd get "superior" and try to give her the "right", logical answer...

... or in others words being "self-righteous" and arrogant.

Not only that but these "techniques" can be so shocking that most women won't know how to respond, so they'll have to laugh to release the tension...

Which is fun, for both of you.

Oh sure, some women will throw a fit, but you know what?

They're the ones who are going to be MOST attracted to you for standing your ground.

And of course, if you meet a woman who throws you an unwavering "come-back", you know you found a "keeper".

So essentially what it means to have the kind of sense of humor women love is that you can make them laugh in response to something they do that would generally make the majority of men angry.

That's the REAL secret... and its effects are powerfully attractive.

For more techniques like this on dealing with "tough" situations with women, check out my eBook, "Cool Guy With Women".

It will change your life.

How To Become A "Cool Guy" With Women

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming successes.

See you there soon.

Your Friend For Life

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