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Why Women Don't Chase "Smart" Guys

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

Why Women Don't Chase "Smart" Guys

Hey Man,

I'll never forget one experience I had a few years ago...

It taught me one of the most valuable and insightful lessons about how women view men, and why knowing what it is makes men much more attractive to women.

Here's what happened:

I met a woman who had just been hired at the job I was working and we met on coffee break, so I struck up a playful conversation...

Since her pants were riding a little low, I teased her by calling her a plumber and playfully told her I could see her crack.

Meanwhile, I also refused to reveal any personal information about myself by giving off-the-wall answers every time she asked me a personal question.

She was laughing the entire time, enjoying herself.

But as it turned out, she quit after a day or two so I didn't see her again...

... until a few years later.

And that's when I learned my lesson:

I was sitting on the patio of a coffee shop reading, when who walks by and stops?

The girl from my old job.

So she sits down and we start to chat.

Somewhere during the conversation, she found out I just began working the same kind of job as before, and she responded by saying: "I don't understand why you continue working a job like that. You're such a smart guy."

And what did I think?

"What? A smart guy? But you have no idea what my stock of knowledge is! You don't know what I know! In fact, I've deliberately not revealed any of it to you."

And that's when I realized something VERY important:

What Us Men Consider “Smart” Is
Usually Viewed As “Dumb” By Women

The truth is what women consider smart is very different from how most men view being smart.

In fact, they're almost OPPOSITES!

For how do us men generally view being smart?

Isn't it usually concerned with what we know?

You know, being smart means that you know a lot about things. Maybe you're good with numbers or analytical thinking.

Being "smart" is about having the "correct" answers, right?

Well, that's NOT what it means to women.

In fact, they often consider guys like this to be "dumb".

So why the paradox?

Here's something to think about:

Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton, hailed as one of history's great geniuses, died a virgin?

Yet despite his great "intelligence", it seems that no woman wanted to sleep with him... yet there are "dumb" blue collar workers who work menial jobs that require next to no "brain power"... who sleep with dozens upon dozens of women.


What Being “Smart” REALLY Means To
Women... And Why It's Important To You!

Let's back up to what my old co-worker said about me.

See, trying to wrap my head around it later, I thought about what she DID know about me:

1) I was comfortable to be around

2) I was playful and had a great sense of humor

3) I was good at listening and leading conversations

And that's when I realized something:

For women, being smart has NOTHING to do with what you know.

It has nothing to do with any form of knowledge you can cram into your head.

And it has nothing to do with having the "right" answers.

It has to do with your "Social IQ".

As far as women are concerned, your "intelligence" is in direct relation to how well you manage yourself in social situations!

To women, "smart men" are guys who can "work a room".

So even if a guy's "Intellectual IQ" is over 1000 or he's the next Einstein but he has trouble comfortably holding a conversation with a stranger — to women, his IQ may as well be 0.

I'm not kidding.

The reason is simple:

Women are "social creatures". And by being with a man who has great social skills, she can get more "respect" from others in her social circle as a side-effect.

Ever seen the movie "What Happens In Vegas"?

Remember Cameron Diaz' work party, with the two boyfriends and the boss?


Why Your Intellectual IQ Can Be Your
Biggest Obstacle In Attracting Women

Let's face it, "smart people" often tend to be the "stupidest" socially... or in the words, they just simply don't know how to make people comfortable around them.

In fact, they usually accomplish the opposite without even realizing it.

And there's a reason for that...

After all, what do most "smart guys" like the most about themselves?

That's right.

Their intellects.

In fact, they pride themselves on just how smart they are.

So what do they do when out with a woman?

Don't they try to impress her by showing-off just how smart they are?

After all, you gotta put your best foot forward, right?

But guess what?

This will NEVER attract a woman.

In fact, it will usually do the complete opposite... and here's why:

1) Bragging about what we know tends to make women uncomfortable. And especially if they don't know much about the subject, it may actually make them feel "stupid".

I'm stating the obvious, but nobody likes to feel stupid.

2) Talking about "intellectual" topics and always jumping in with the "correct answer" is taking things too serious and lacking a sense of humor.

Not only is this no fun, it's actually a repulsive form of approval-seeking.

Always having to prove we have the "answers" will make women run.

3) Going on about what we know not only reveals we're self-centered, it shows we're poor listeners — and we all know women love men who are "good listeners".

Doing all the talking shows a woman that we don't really care about her or whether she even wants to hear what we're talking about.

But Being Smart AND Social Is A
Killer Combination With Women!

Being smart is only a "handicap" IF your social skills need work, but...

This can also be a major advantage because women actually DO want a guy who is "intelligent".

And though social skills are most important to women, when you develop the social skills underneath being intelligent, guess what?

That's actually more attractive than just being a man with great social skills but no "smarts".

And much more attractive than just being "smart".

So if you already consider yourself a "smart" guy, you just need to develop those social skills to give you the extra edge.

These areas are all covered in my eBook, "Cool Guy With Women".

Inside, you'll learn what kind of sense of humor you need to develop to become more attractive to women, along with simple techniques you can start applying today that will get women laughing and just loving to be around you.

In fact, these are the things I used with my co-worker that made her think I was a "smart guy" — the way women view "smart".

You'll also learn proven conversational techniques on how to lead conversations...

This includes knowing what to talk about and what to avoid talking about, along with how to steer the conversations in the direction you want them to go, so you leave women with a great impression of you.

Cool Guy With WomenAnd just remember, you're also covered by my 8 week money-back guarantee. So give it a read today.

Here's the link:

How To Become A "Cool Guy" With Women

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming successes.

See you there soon.

Your Friend For Life

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