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Mysteries Behind Women's Behavior

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

Mysteries Behind Women's Behavior

Hey Man,

Has a woman ever said or done something that completely boggled your mind?

I mean, you where left thinking:

"What the hell did that mean? Women make absolutely no sense!"

If you're like the majority of men, you probably ended up concluding one of a few things:

"Women are sensitive, overly emotional beings."
"Women are bitchy, complaining, mean things!"
"Women are sexually manipulative creatures."

With so many different opinions, why is women's behavior so mysterious?

Will we ever figure them out?

Just what is the REALITY behind women's behavior?

Why do they do the things that they do?

And just WHO is the real woman?

Be prepared, for what follows might upset the way you picture women. But this revelation is NECESSARY in learning how to communicate with women in a way that they find not only attractive, but authentic.

For women are NONE of these views!

A lot of the time, anyway.

And Here’s The Reason Why...

Women have a plan for their network of relationships. In their mind, the world revolves around them. In fact, we all tend to operate this way.

So what do they do?

They assign different relationships to different kinds of people.

This means women also have a plan for how each guy they meet will fit into their lives.

This means YOU!

Now, whenever a guy doesn't seem to want to fit the mold SHE THINKS she wants him to, she'll use DRAMATIC TACTICS in an attempt to manipulate his behavior into fitting the mold she wants.

All too often, these little women's tactics get mistaken for the REAL woman!

And if you're not aware of them — like many, many men — it becomes impossible to distinguish the REAL woman from her DRAMA.

It becomes difficult to separate a woman's behavior from her "illusions".

And I assure you, mistaking these "illusions" for the real woman is common — too common among most men.

It is only by being aware of women's behavior... that these dramatic tactics are cheap tricks used by the woman...

But they are NOT the real woman!

So here are the three MAJOR tactics women use:

1) Sob Stories
2) Temper Tantrums
3) Flirty Displays

What you'll find is that women will attempt to use any one of these behaviors to get you to do or behave the way THEY want you to... to get you to mold to the image and role they want you to play in their lives.

But here's the secret:

By refusing to alter your behavior to fit the mold they're trying to shape you to is what women find MOST attractive about a man.

It says, "I have an Identity of my own."

And demonstrating you have an Identity is key, not just in attracting women but if you eventually want to get into a long-term relationship.

So let's explore these dramatic tactics in detail. That way you'll be able to stay strong, which will create an irresistible attractive force around you...

DRAMATIC TACTIC #1: “The Sob Story”

Has a woman ever came to you with a "Sob Story"?

You know, she was experiencing the kind of tragedy not even Shakespeare himself would have the imagination to come up with? And she pulled all stops in letting you know every single detail?

Maybe she was distraught about it.

Maybe she was anxious and neurotic.

And maybe she was even in tears, balling her eyes out over it.

Basically, the message she communicated was, "Oh, poor me!"

And how did you respond?

Well, if you're like the majority of guys, you probably approached the situation with an attitude of: "Oh, you poor thing!"

You know, you wanted to be helpful.

After all, you cared for her, so why wouldn't you?

So maybe you listened to her problems and then offered her advice or solutions on how to fix or solve them. After all, "good guys" are caring, right?

Well, guess what?

Here's the reality:

Probably MORE THAN 9 times out of 10, women use Sob Stories to play on your PITY for the simple reason that they've learned it's a great way to get attention.

It's all unconscious, so it's not like they does it intentionally.

But it IS a reality!

And if she's comfortable being a royal pain in the ass by trying to get you to feel sorry for her just to get attention, she'll continue to do it.

But you know what?

You're not REALLY helping her. In fact, all you're doing is encouraging her and reinforcing the belief that she's a victim.

So if you really care, here's how to deal with Sob Stories:

FIRST, encourage her to take responsibility for herself instead of whining and complaining about it.

How do you do that?

Half playfully, simply say something like, "Hey, you're a big girl now. I think you can look after yourself. You certainly don't need me to solve your problems."

SECOND, unless her mother died or something major and you are her steady boyfriend, if she's complaining about a ANYTHING that has NOTHING to do with you, refuse to listen to it!

This doesn't mean you have to be a callous prick, but subtly steer the conversation away from that issue. And if the problem effects you in some way — like a flat tire — find a solution by DOING something about it.

Really, the key to handling a woman's Sob Stories is to never play her therapist!

Let her know that a shoulder to cry on is NOT the role you play in her life.

DRAMATIC TACTIC #2: “The Temper Tantrum”

Next up...

Ah, the "Temper Tantrum"! The most irritating of women's behavior.

I know you've experienced one of these nice, friendly little episodes.

You know, it usually comes down to you doing something she doesn't like or disapproves of and then responds by getting upset — even though what you choose to do with your life and your time is your business and usually no concern of hers.

Now, perhaps she just pouted or stewed about it.

Or maybe she got angry and stormed off in the other direction.

And in the extreme case, maybe she even turned into "psycho-girl" and started screaming or yelling threats.

The message she communicated was: "You better do what I want, or you'll be sorry!"

And what's your response?

Well, if you're the type of guy who will do just about anything to avoid conflict or confrontation, you probably got a little flustered and thought: "Oh no! She's angry at me. I don't want to lose her or have her think badly about me, so I better apologize immediately!"

So what did you do?

Just that — you said sorry and apologized.

After all, it's unacceptable to go around making people angry, isn't it?

But you know what?

You DIDN'T make her angry.

If she responded by getting upset about something you've chosen, like not wanting to go to a birthday party with all of her girlfriends or something crazy like that, it's not your problem.

See, women deliberately use Temper Tantrums to target your GUILT.

She uses emotional explosions to encourage you to regret something you did or are planning to do.

It's an attempt to intimidate and control you.

So how do you handle them?

If a woman gets angry at you, LET HER!

That's right...



If she wants to make a complete fool of herself by looking like some crazy baboon on steroids, that's her decision. Because honestly, that's what she's doing.

Remember to keep THIS in mind:

If you accept women's behavior, especially when it's psycho-stuff like this, what you're really doing is ENCOURAGING her to use it again.

I mean, why wouldn't she?

If she gets you to do whatever she wants by throwing a Temper Tantrum, she knows she can use it whenever she wants something from you.

So "put her in her place".

Treat the situation the same as you would a fly buzzing around your head... mildly annoying, but nothing to lose your cool over.

The key to handling women's Temper Tantrums is in remain unphased by any form women's disapproval.

DRAMATIC TACTIC #3: “The Flirty Display”

And finally, lets see if you've experienced this one:

Have you ever had a woman be EXTREMELY nice, open, or friendly? In fact, maybe even a little TOO friendly?

This is what I call a "Flirty Display"...

You know, maybe she touched you in a charming way.

Maybe she complimented you and made you feel good about yourself?

And maybe she even acted seductive by obviously and deliberating revealing or making subtle "sexual" suggestions with her body?

The message she communicated was, "Oooooh... you're soooo SEXY!"

And how did you respond?

Well, if you let it go to your head without thinking about her motives, perhaps you thought: "Yeah... that's me. I'm hot! She likes me... I'm the man!"

Especially, if a guy hasn't had any female attention in awhile, he'll tend to get sucked right in.

That's right... sucked right in.

Into what, exactly?

Well, women often put on Flirty Displays, directed at your PRIDE. She uses flattery and attention to make you feel masculine or ATTRACTIVE, so you feel like you're the "chick magnet".

When a woman does this, what she doesn't reveal is her motive:

To get a guy around her little finger.

For when he is, he'd probably do just about any FAVOR for her at even the slightest hint or suggestion. And chances are, she already has had something lined up for him before she put on the Flirty Display.

So how do you get around it?


Whenever a woman seems to come on TOO strong, simply BACK OFF. It's wise to consider that it may be fueled by an "agenda".

Just pull back.

You may just have a cock tease on your hands.

And after you pull back for a moment notice what she does: Is she still "super sweet and sexy" or does she drop the act like a bowling ball?

The key to handling women's Flirty Displays is to watch women's behavior, especially when she comes on strong by teasing you with her sexuality.

Stand-Up To Women’s “Bad Behavior” And
You Become VERY Attractive To Them

Let's face it:

Women are experts at getting what they want from us men. And not only that, but they have ways to get what they want without us even realizing that they're doing it.

Most men, anyway.

But now that you KNOW how women try to "take advantage" of men, you'll be able to see right through their tactics and immediately stand your ground.

And you want to know a secret?

The man who is COMPLETELY unphased by all of women's behavior and dramatic tactics is the man most sought after by women.

By not buckling to women's expectations of how they think you should be or act, actually causes them to be attracted to you.

Here's the reason:

It demonstrates to them that you are like a rock... that you know WHO YOU ARE and you know HOW YOU ACT.

It comes from within, rather than from someone else telling you who you should be or how you should act.

And especially when a woman who you're interested in wants you to act differently, but you still refuse to compromise on your values and choices, that just makes her want you more.

In fact, only about a bazillion times more than if you actually did what she wanted you to.

Almost ironic, isn't it?

See, it's a little counter-intuitive, but it shows her that she can honestly trust you.

And Here’s The Reason...

Most guys will do just about anything to get the woman they're interested in:

They'll sell their Souls just to be with her.

They'll try to change the core of who they are just to please her... because they think then she'll want them in return.

But it's the opposite!

A woman wants a guy WITH Soul.

In fact, she wants a guy who won't change when faced with her bad behavior just to please her... because being strong in himself pleases her much more!

So learn to deal with women's behavior today.

Right now.

For specific methods and techniques on EXACTLY how to spot every single tactic women use on men, and PRECISE ways to deal with them, be sure to download yourself a copy of my eBook, Cool Guy with Women.

It shows you how to "keep your cool" around women at all times.

Just flip to chapter 14... that's where you'll learn how to stand your ground whenever women use any of these dramatic tactics, which will attract them at a very deep level.

Here's where you can download it:

Cool Guy With WomenHow To Become A "Cool Guy" With Women

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming successes.

See you there soon.

Your Friend For Life

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