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4 Ways Women Tease Men

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

4 Ways Women Tease Men

Hey Man,

Have you ever met a woman who seemed like that "special" or "perfect" woman — the kind most men secretly dream about finding one day?

You know, she was probably friendly, energetic, and full of life, right?

And from the very moment you met, she seemed really interested in you. She initiated all the conversations with you, complimented you, and touched you a lot.

So you didn't have to worry about what you were going to say or do.

And you didn't have to worry about getting rejected.

Basically, she did all the work for you.

It was great!

You'd never had it this easy with a woman before.

What luck!

In fact, just being around her made you feel like "the man".

And then something happened...

You started developing "feelings" for her and considered that maybe she was "the one". So you got it into your head to pursue "something further" with her.

But that's when something changed:

FIRST, she didn't seem the least bit interested in any kind of romantic relationship with you. In fact, she seemed to do everything to avoid getting into any kind of discussion about it.

And when you wanted to get together, she'd just flake out.

SECOND, you slowly realized that she treated most guys EXACTLY the same way she treated you. She gave other guys just as much attention and she touched them just much as she touched you!

What's up with that?

Did she not feel the same way about you as the way you felt about her?

Well, maybe that's about the time it hits you:

She's a tease and you fell victim to her teasing!

At least, that's something like how it went for me until I discovered that there are four VERY SIMPLE reasons why women tease men:

To Get An Ego Boost By
Impressing Other Women

To explain this one, let's take a look at the male equivalent...

Have you noticed that guys who aren't good with women tend to admire those who are? Or at least they admire those who seem to be getting "favorable" responses from women.

But with many of them, if you look deeper, you'll notice something very interesting...

Many of these guys who get women's attention often use it to give themselves an ego boost or to prove to other guys how "suave" they are.

Of course, until you're good with women yourself, this may be a tough realization to make.

Well, it's EXACTLY same with women who tease men...

Teasing causes the majority of men to gravitate to women.

Like many "Lady's Men", teases are addicted to getting attention from the opposite sex so they can have other women look up to them for their "superior femininity", which finally allows them to feel good about themselves.

See, all the inexperienced women see a woman who teases continually surrounded by men, wanting her attention.

And since they wish they were surrounded by men too, they assume she's got something they don't.

And based on that, these women will look up to her as more feminine than them. While others will get envious, especially if they're teasing a guy that woman is interested in.

So why do women tease?

Sometimes, it's about getting attention from other women.

And if you buy into a woman's teasing, you're just becoming a means to HER end... a part of her agenda.

It's got nothing to do with you, really.

To Get Revenge On A Guy
Who “Scorned” Her

Don't teases tend to appear very confident and outgoing at first?

I mean, they seem to have no problem approaching strangers and not only striking up conversations, but actually having strangers do them favors, sometimes within moments of meeting them.

But the interesting thing is this...

If you really get a look into their heads by hanging out with them when they're not in that "high energy" environment, you quickly realize that their "zest" is just a performance...

... a performance to mask their extreme insecurities.

And with this kind of insecurity comes jealousy... and with jealousy comes revenge.

So why do women tease men?

Sadly, as a form of vengeance.

Here's how the plot works:

We all tend to project our experience of reality onto others — meaning we think everyone else sees and experiences the world just like we do.

And since insecure women get jealous when they see their "crush" with another woman, what do they assume about men?

That's right...

They also think that if a guy who dumped them sees them with another man, he too will get jealous.

Who knows.

Perhaps he would... depending on the guy or the situation.

But if he dumped her, I suspect, generally, he could probably care less.

Anyway, apparently that doesn't stop them. Or maybe they know something we don't. But women sometimes will "use" another guy to get back at their EX or someone they REALLY care about.

It's got nothing to do with the guy they're currently with.

He's just a pawn in their strategy.

And the only reason she's leading him on is so that he'll be around when the guy who "scorned" her — the guy she REALLY cares about — enters the picture.

So why do women tease men?

Sometimes, it's an elaborate payback scheme.

To Get Another Guy’s
Attention Or Catch His Eye

Here's a story a friend shared with me once...

There was a chick who had been interested in him for some time.

And one night, he went to a bar with one of his friends. She happened to be there too, and so they chatted for a little when the evening was young and then he tried to ignore or avoid her.

Later, he took a different chick out onto the dance floor and they danced for awhile, then they went to go get a drink at the bar.

And here's the strange part...

You know how sometimes you get that feeling you can't quite place. Maybe it's not even a feeling you notice. But you happen to turn your head for no apparent reason only lock eyes with someone who's looking at you?

Very bizarre.

Well, that's what happened to my friend.

And who does he make eye contact with?

The chick he talked to earlier looking straight at him as she's dragging his good friend onto the dance floor.

He knew immediately what was REALLY going on, though his friend probably had no clue that she was doing it just get my friend's attention.

Since women often seem to want the guy that all the other women want, some women tend to think men operate the same way.

And sure, perhaps some men do — the ones that fall victim to teasing.

So if, by teasing, a woman can prove that other guys want her, maybe she'll catch the eye of the guy who she REALLY wants. And by teasing other guys, she's trying to demonstrate she's desirable and worthy of him.

So why do women tease men?

Sometimes, it's to attract the attention of OTHER guys.

To Get Free Stuff, Favors,
And Special Privileges

Here's another story for you...

Just the other day I was driving down a residential street and I noticed this cute chick walk up to the sidewalk.

She stopped as I passed, yielding to the oncoming traffic like a regular human being.

A car passed me going the other way shortly after as I looked in my rearview mirror because she looked like an old friend I hadn't seen in years and I wanted to see if it was her.

It wasn't her, but I noticed something ridiculous...

The guy driving the car that passed me actually slowed down and came to a complete stop to let this chick cross the street.

And no, this wasn't a cross-walk.

I almost couldn't believe it.

Actually, I can...

But it's just so ridiculous — I mean, if it was me, an old man, or even an middle-aged woman, would this guy have stopped?

Doubt it.

I bet he would have flown right past!

So with guys volunteering like this, is it any wonder some women not only know they can capitalize on their sex appeal, but they can do it with little effort, at will.

And why buy something yourself when you can get someone else to buy it for you? Or why do something yourself when you can get someone else to do it for?

These are good questions.

And they're probably questions teases have not only asked themselves many times, but actually act upon.

Teasing has a tendency to create the motivation in some guys to WANT to buy women things, and WANT to do things for them.

When women tease, some guys see opportunity...

But it's just an illusion with an agenda.

There's just a tunnel with no end and no light.

The Reason Why Women Tease Men

Simply put:

Because they benefit from it in the short-term.

But more importantly, they tease because it WORKS...

Guys go out of their way for teasing women because, ultimately, they think it puts them closer to getting in bed with them — even if they don't acknowledge this fact to themselves.

So here are the major reasons why you should NEVER tolerate a woman's teasing behavior, aside from the fact that it's manipulative:

1) Women are human beings like everyone else and their physical appearance is not a legitimate reason to grant them special privileges.

2) It will not help you get the girl. In fact, it will do the opposite — it will just reveal to her that you have no backbone.

3) Give them an inch, they'll take a... million miles. Let a tease know you're a sucker and you practically give her permission to milk you for all you've got (and she won't even give you anything in return).

4) And just maybe it teaches women to essentially get "something for nothing", which will kill their self-reliance and cause them to depend on others rather than themselves — because of who they are as individuals.

So if you've encountered teases before and perhaps they even took you for a ride and ...

... you want to learn how to deal with them in a way, like my friend, that actually gets them genuinely interested in YOU — rather than being used for the benefits, like your money, effort, or time — check out my eBook, "Cool Guy With Women".

Inside, you'll learn highly effective techniques in dealing with situations like these involving "high maintenance" women... and much, much more.

Here's the link:

Cool Guy With WomenHow To Become A "Cool Guy" With Women

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming successes.

See you there soon.

Your Friend For Life

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