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3 Simple Steps To Talk To Any Woman

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

3 Simple Steps To Talk To Any Woman

Hey Man,

Have you ever had trouble talking to women?

You know, maybe you got tongue-tied.

Or maybe your mind started drawing nothing but blanks.

And perhaps this just made you more uncomfortable or nervous that it actually stopped you from being able to hold a decent conversation.

If so, there's really only one reason for this problem...

I'm willing to bet that you probably didn't know what you wanted from the situation and you likely didn't have much of a plan for getting what you wanted from the interaction.

So think about it now:

The last time you found yourself in a conversation with a woman, what were you thinking about?

What did you want?

And how did you go about getting it?

If you're not really sure how to answer that right not, once you learn the 3 powerful steps I'm about the reveal, they will literally change the way you interact with women for the rest of your life.

You'll know EXACTLY what to say and how to respond in every situation.

Now, before I show you these steps, you first need to understand a very important concept about talking to women.

Here’s The Key To Talking To Women
Without Any Nervousness Or Hesitation...

YOU have the power to decide what you talk about...

And YOU also have the power to decide what you DON'T want to talk about.

Here's what I mean:

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where a woman was talking about something that simply didn't interest you one bit?

Do you remember how you responded?

Did you find yourself just going along with it and listening to whatever she was saying, even though you honestly couldn't have really cared less about the topic?

Did you just nod your head in agreement, waiting for the conversation to take turn in a "better" direction?

If you can identify with this, here's another very important question you may want to ask yourself:

Why did you tolerate it?

Did you simply listen because you didn't want to be rude by interrupting her, breaking her train of thought, or changing the subject?

If you did, here's the truth I want you to accept:

You don't have to listen to ANYTHING you don't want to hear about.

In fact, isn't it much more rude to listen to something you're not at all interested in?

After all, doesn't that communicate to women that you care when, in reality, you probably don't?

So what's the real reason guys think it's rude?

And how do you overcome it?

Why Guys Don’t “Speak Up” And How To
Overcome The Fear Of Talking To Women

There seem to be two reasons why guys don't "speak their mind" or take control of their conversations with women...

1) Fear of Disapproval

Dating back to our mothers during childhood, it seems like most of us have been raised to believe that we need feminine approval, so we often tend to fear disapproval from women later in life.

And sometimes by taking control of conversations and leading them in the direction we want them to go often means we'll be met with disapproval.

So overcoming your fear of speaking your mind and voicing your true opinions with women means that you HAVE TO become comfortable with the possibility of women disapproving of what you have to say.

But guess what?

Women are attracted to men who are confident in their own opinions — even if they don't agree with your opinions!

2) Indifference

Have you noticed how when we don't know what we want, we tend to end up "staying on the fence" and just let a woman flap her gums about whatever's on her mind?

The reason we do this is because we haven't set any standards for ourselves.

So the key to overcoming indifference has to do with setting some standards for yourself:

What kind of thoughts do you want to let into your mind?

Do you really want to focus your mind on "negativity"?

I mean, wouldn't you rather focus your mind of positive, constructive things?

And if a woman brings you any form of negativity, do you really want to listen to it instead of changing the subject?

After all, women are highly attracted to men who think for themselves and make their own decisions, so you must start making decisions in your conversations with women.

Ultimately, talking to women with confidence involves letting go of the need for her approval, for this allows you to start thinking for yourself — which I believe isn't possible if you need validation from women.

So here's a good place to start...

The 3 Steps To Become A Master
Conversationalist With Women

The secret to becoming a master conversationalist is to apply these three steps in every conversation you have with a woman.

And keep in mind that they all revolve around the central idea that you have complete control over what is said — both what you say AND what she says.

STEP #1: Know What You Want

Knowing what you want means that you not only know what kind of topics you want to discuss, but also that you know what kind of topics you don't want to talk about.

Because you know what?

If you don't know what you want, you'll have no direction to guide your interactions.

And especially when it comes to attracting women, the secret is to build on and encourage topics with positive charged emotions and cut off or stop topics that are charged with negative emotions as I explained in detail in "Cool Guy With Women".

STEP #2: Know Who's Bringing the Topic to the Table

Ever noticed that most women don't have a reason for the topics they bring to a conversation — or more accurately, they're not always consciously aware of their reasons?

They just sort of "talk".

Part of being a great conversationalist is being aware of women's true intentions... even when they're not.

Sometimes, working with conversation topics is much like playing a game of chess:

You have to strategically work with them, without directly confronting the issues underneath.

After all, most communication — the important stuff, our intentions — are usually communicated underneath and between the words.

That's why it's important to recognize who brought the subject into the conversation, along with the reason for it so you can deal with it effectively.

I discuss all the details in my eBook.

STEP #3: Choose to Accept or Reject the Topic

Now we come to the "active" step, since the first two involve making choices inside your head only.

Here's the part where you have to act on the "silent choices" you've made.

The basic idea is this:

Whenever a woman brings a topic into the conversation that you're interested in, you have to know how to accept it by expanding on it, knowing where to take it.


You also have to know how to tactfully reject a topic she brings into the conversation you don't want to expand on, without it coming across as abrupt or "too" obvious.

I spend an entire chapter revealing my very best techniques on leading conversations in my eBook, Cool Guy with Women.

And if interacting with women is something you want to master, I recommend you download yourself a copy.

Inside you'll learn how to start conversations... how to expand on positive topics... how to steer conversations away from negative topics... and much more.

By learning these proven conversational techniques, you'll find that not only will you no longer get nervous around women, but they'll start initiating conversations with you because it's very, very rare for women to meet a guy who knows how to socialize better than they do.

Cool Guy With WomenHere's the link where you can download it:

How To Become A "Cool Guy" With Women

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming successes.

See you there soon.

Your Friend For Life

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