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The Major Secret Chick-Magnets Never Tell!

Cool Guy With WomenArticle (Cool Guy With Women)

The Major Secret Chick-Magnets Never Tell!

This article explores the "psychological" reason why attractive women get men's attention and how men can harness the same "power" to attract more women.

Hey Man,

Here's a very interesting topic you may never have thought about before...

Why do attractive women have so much "social power"?

And why do they have so many options with men?

Perhaps the answers may seem obvious at first...

Because they're attractive!



Well, that may be the initial, "natural" reason... but have you ever considered looking at the "psychology" underneath it from a deeper level...

From a level that will allow you to apply the very same principles that attractive women use unconsciously to give themselves more potential partners in your own dating life?

I'm serious.

Here's what I mean:

The Truth About Attractive Women's Social Power

We all know that attractive women get men's attention practically everywhere they go, right?

But have you ever considered this:

The only reason why attractive women have so much "social power" and "mating options" is because they are viewed as highly desirable in the minds of many, many men.

And that's the KEY:

Attractive women's social power lies in that "Desirable Picture" found in the minds of many, many men.

And because they KNOW that "picture" is there, they behave accordingly.

Now think about this for a moment:

What would happen if guys didn't have that "Desirable Picture" in their minds?

How would that change a woman's perceived power?

In fact, wouldn't a woman no longer have that "power"?

For example, what if an attractive woman went from being a fashion model one day to hideously deformed after some freak accident the next day?

Would she still have that same power?

No way... not likely.

And why not?

Because men would no longer carry that "Desirable Picture" in their minds, so they'd stop giving her their attention.

So truly, most attractive women's power ONLY really exists in the collective minds of men.

But let's take a further look...

How Attractive Women Get Their Social Power

Think about an attractive woman's life from childhood into adolescence, and then into adulthood for a moment:

When she begins changing at puberty, she obviously starts developing her "sexual assets"...

You know, she develops breasts and her hips widen out.

And naturally, this is the time she starts getting attention from men, right?

So the more she matures sexually, the more responses she begins to get from men, which awakens her to the power she has over us.

And the more attention she gets from men, the more it reinforces that power or influence she has over us.

Simply put:

Attractive women's experience backs up their power with PROOF every day of their lives so it becomes a belief.

Then they act on the belief that they're highly desirable.

Now, isn't it difficult to doubt something that's just a normal part of your daily experience?

Wouldn't it just become obvious?

But would it be so obvious WITHOUT the experience to back it up?

And right there is the secret men need to understand when learning to become more attractive to women:

How To Have Women Treat You The Same Way Most Guys Treat Attractive Women

What if you KNEW without a doubt that there was a dozen cute women interested in you, just waiting to get a chance with you — right now?

Imagine what that would look like...

How would you behave differently around them?

How would that change the way you acted toward or around new women who came into your life?

If you KNEW with absolute certainty that a lot of women who came into contact with you would respond the way most guys react to an attractive woman, what would you think?


What would be running through your mind?

And what would your experience be like?

I'm willing to bet that:

1) You'd have a lot of women checking you out and smiling often

2) You'd have women calling, who you don't even think about

3) You'd have women making excuses to touch you regularly

4) In fact, you might actually find it all mildly annoying

So what makes this a reality?

Only one concept...

When all the pictures in their minds AND yours are the same one...

When they are all of YOU.

And when that's true, what's the reason behind it?

Isn't it just like a lot of men interested in an attractive woman... isn't it because a lot of women have a picture of you in their minds that say: "Desirable"?

However, there's just one difference:

Instead of our appearance (like how women attract men), it's something different...

"Did you miss puberty?"

No, I'm not talking about growing hair in new places, getting a deeper voice, or anything like that...

I'm talking about "being a man".

I've discussed this topic in great detail in my books, but...

Where attractive women slowly discover they have a powerful sexual influence over men as they mature into puberty, us men work a little differently.

For us men, it's not our physical appearance that matures to attract women.

It's our masculinity!

And that has to do with our characters.

The problem is that, in our culture, most of us men were actually stopped from maturing into manhood when we "came of age".

To make this clear, imagine there was some power that could stop an attractive woman from developing breasts and an hourglass figure.

This would mean that men would never even have the opportunity to become attracted to her.

Well, essentially this is what has happened to most men.

So once you start maturing in your masculinity, just like a woman maturing by developing her body, you'll notice women beginning to respond to you more and more until...

... it becomes a belief in yourself because it will be backed with PROOF in your every day experience.

And not only that but because it's a "mental" process, it doesn't matter how old you are to begin developing this "Masculine Power".

You can start today.

I cover all the basics in "Cool Guy" eBooks, which you can check out here:

How To Become A "Cool Guy" With Women

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming successes.

See you there soon.

Your Friend For Life

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