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Why Women Pick Men Who They Say They Don’t Want

Are Women Lying to You? Do They Really Like 'That Type' of Guy?

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

Are women completely crazy?

I mean, have you ever wondered why women pick men who seem uncaring and disrespectful?

You've looked around.

You know there are hundreds of 'good' guys out there eager to go out with her, just waiting for her to give them a chance.

But what does she do?

The crazy chick goes out with some complete jerk!


Well, let me ask you this:

Have you ever listened to a woman tell you all the things she wants in an ideal guy, all of which you may even have — but then she still goes for the jerk who doesn't seem to have any of them?

What's up?

Why would she say she wants one thing, then go for the complete opposite?

Even if you nicely point it out to her and tell her that she deserves a better guy, why doesn't she seem to listen to you?

Why does she still stay with him?

Certainly, she heard what you were saying. It surely seemed like it. Is there nothing between those ears or hers?

Was she lying?

Is she just too dumb to realize what she's actually doing?

Not exactly.

So if these types of questions has ever bothered you, within the next few minutes, they no longer will.

You'll understand exactly why women pick men who they seem to say they don't want.

And the key to understanding this seemingly strange paradox is to first realize that women leave a large portion of their 'ideal guy' OUT of the descriptions that they give other men.

That's right.

They leave it out!

And without being aware of what that missing part of their description is, NONE of the other stuff they do say they want in men counts for much.

Simply put:

The reason why women pick men who they say they don't want is because he fits that missing part.

So the real question is:

What is that missing part of the description?

And why do women leave it out?

Why Women Don’t Reveal the WHOLE Truth...

Imagine for a moment that a fat chick asks you for a description of your 'ideal woman'.

And by fat, I mean FAT!

You look at her and think to yourself, "Maybe if she lost about 80lbs, she might be cute. It's just kind of hard to tell in her current state."

Okay, so dropping 80lbs is being modest, but let's not tell her that.


So how do you respond to a question like that?

What do you say?

Naturally, us guys want women with great boobs — yeah, boobs! And an hourglass figure that would make Jessica Rabbit glow green with envy.

This is obvious to all men.

We all understand this.

It's a given.

There's no need for discussion on this topic, right?

Now think about this:

Would you even mention it to our 300lb chick? Would it be a part of your description?

Maybe, maybe not.

Perhaps you wouldn't want to give her a reason to feel bad and blame you for it or go into the "All men want is sex" man-hater mode.

Instead of going on a diet. *cough*

So if you did mention it, wouldn't it likely be more of a conclusion — a tag on.

"I want a chick who has personality. She has to have a great sense of humor and be out-going and fun to be around. She has to be smart and enjoy learning. She has to be responsible," along with a dozen other traits. "Oh, and looks of course."

Now imagine this 400lb chick had all of these things — aside from the figure, obviously. Though, she probably has large boobs. They just may be little saggy.

That's gross, I know. But don't blame me. I'm not the one overweight here.

Would you want her?

Hell no!

Yet if you look at the description you gave her, what really determines your decision?

Isn't it in one short non-descriptive sentence that's at the very BOTTOM of your list... where it has the LEAST impact on our obese, inquisitive chick?

Doesn't this mean that all the stuff ahead of it is really just 'filler'? You know, things you look for in a long-term relationship — assuming a woman first meets your standards.

This is obvious to us, right?

You get it, but does this quizzical 500lb chick?

Probably not.

But why, exactly?

Since it's small and at the bottom, she assumes it's not that important.

Well, women operate in a similar way — good looking chicks, that is...

The missing part of their descriptions are so obvious TO THEM that they feel no need to really mention or explain it. And if they do, it too, is short and given little attention.

Because it's standard to them — as looks are to us — they assume it's common knowledge to everyone.

Ask a hot woman what she wants in a guy, and she'll probably say something like this...

"I want a man with a great sense of humor. He has to be caring and nice, and treat me with respect. He has to be a good listener," along with an even longer list. "Oh, and of course, he has to know what he wants," she adds as a sidenote conclusion.

It's not that she doesn't want those things.

She does.

It's just that the answer to why women pick men who may not even be good for them personally is in that tag-on!

That's where her deciding factor lies.

It’s Self-Evident to Women But Most Men Don’t Have a Clue

So just what is so important in a woman's description of her 'ideal guy' that she leaves vague?

Why is it also the reason why women pick men who may not even have any of the other traits they want in a man?

And just what exactly does it mean to know what you want, anyway?

There is no short answer to that question.

Yet, most times, it gets so little attention from women when they describe their ideal guy.

Isn't it interesting that the MOST important factor gets the LEAST amount of attention?

No wonder there's a valid reason why women pick men who can be abusive instead of going for the guy who has everything ELSE in her description.

Negative traits aside, they have THAT something.

Just as that 1000lb chick, looking at the bulk of your description and ignoring the all important final tag will remain confused about how to get men, we have to understand exactly what women's final tag means.

And just in case she's reading this, the answer is: LOSE THE WEIGHT!

Geez, I mean she's put on 100s of pounds during this article alone.

So in short, knowing what you want means you have these qualities as part of your character...

Strong Sense of Identity

This means having a clear picture of who you are, and includes not looking to anyone else for approval or permission for your choices and behavior.

Demand Respect

This means you know how you expect other people to treat you and you let others know when they don't treat you accordingly.


This means, more than anything, having the ability to take risks and go for exactly what you want — without hesitation and in spite of fear.

Do Nice Guys have any of these traits?

They may be friendly and out-going. They may be 'respectful'. They may be a million and one things.

But one thing they are not are guys who know what they want.

A Nice Guy is to women what a fat chick is to men, as far as sexuality is concerned.

So the reason why women pick men who can seem to be the 'scum' of the world — they can be abusive, physically and emotionally — is because they have these qualities.

In spite of their flaws, they have a strong sense of who they are, they let women know when they cross a line with them, and they also make choices quickly.

And these qualities outweigh everything else a woman says she wants.

Whenever a woman talks about what she wants in a man, everything she says is in ADDITION to him knowing what he wants in Life.

To them, it's a given.

So just how to you go about developing these qualities in yourself, so women will naturally be interested in you?

And yes, I'm talking about chicks that are light enough that you'll come out alive after you've boinked each other's brains out. I mean as appealing as getting crushed in the bedroom is, it can be hazardous to one's health.

How to Become a Natural with Women

How do you become the kind of man women find NATURALLY attractive, without having to constantly think about whether or not you're attracting them?

What's the 'magic button'?

The Holy Grail?

I'd be lying if I told you there was one. And as much I enjoy lying, let me settle for giving you the steps instead:

FIRST, get over the fear of being yourself, even if it 'upsets' others.

SECOND, know your boundaries and learn to communicate them.

THIRD, define what you want and stop hesitating.

But what does all that mean?

And how do you learn to do all of it?

The very best way to develop all these traits, so women naturally feel attracted to you, is to download a copy of my eBook, Cool Guy with Women.

It covers all the basics.

I've looked into many approaches to dating women over the years and the difference between my approach and all the others is:

EVERYTHING I teach is geared at transforming yourself into a natural!

It seems many 'dating gurus' or Pick-Up Artists focus on tricks and tactics. Essentially, they seem to focus on teaching guys how to imitate the naturals.

"If she does this, you do that. If she does that, you do this," they preach.

I didn't know dating women was rocket science.

So I ask you, "Why not just become a natural and skip all the BS?"

See, what 'dating gurus' and PUAs don't seem to understand about naturals is the reason they do what they do isn't to get women.

That's simply one of many BENEFITS!

So if you don't want to be a 'dating geek' who approaches women like a Trekkie at a Star Trek convention and if you don't want to learn another language like Klingon or Pick-Up acronyms and lingo, download my book and you'll also get a FREE membership to my private discussion forum for members only.

That's where I reveal the principles all naturals live by.

And that's where you'll discover why naturals do what they do, and how you can adopt their powerful way of thinking and their way of life.

You won't find these secrets anywhere else.

I guarantee it.

Cool Guy With WomenJust listen to what a member shared with me recently: "Not only will your book help with women, it will help in all aspects of life. Thanks!"

To get started right now click here

I look forward to meeting and talking with you in the forums.

See you there soon.

Your Friend,

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